Landscape Sensitivity Study

Landscape Sensitivity Study - 2019

In September 2019 Landscape Consultants LUC provided an assessment of landscape sensitivity to development for the district of Selby. The study has a focus on the locations which are likely to receive development pressure, these being the towns and large villages of the district, as well as large brownfield locations. This document is to be used to inform planning decisions and plan making in relation to landscape sensitivity and replaces the 2015 Settlement Setting Landscape Assessment.

The document is split below into sections, including the main report, which contains the methodology for assessing landscape areas, and the appendixes for the different types of areas assessed.

Landscape Sensitivity Study 2019

Appendix 1 - Market Towns

Appendix 2 - Designated Service Villages

Appendix 3 - Additonal Sites

Appendix 4 - Wind Energy

Draft Settlement Setting Landscape Assessment - 2015

Please note that this document has been superseeded by the 2019 Landscape Sensitivity Study.

The Draft Settlement Setting Landscape Assessment was produced during the preparation of the Site Allocations Local Plan – Pool of Sites Consultation (2 October – 27 November 2017). In June 2015 GWK Design were appointed by Selby District Council to undertake a Landscape Settlement Setting Analysis. The document is available to view below:

Draft Settlement Setting Landscape Assessment (2015)