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This form doesn’t require a handwritten signature for processing. The declaration now displays a confirmation checkbox.

By signing up to the Landlord Portal you are agreeing to no longer receive payment schedules by post. However, some Discretionary Housing Payments will not appear on the portal so notifications will continue to be sent for these payments.

Terms and Conditions for Usage

I undertake to notify the Housing Benefit office, in writing (via the Landlord Portal where possible), when a tenant receiving Housing Benefit vacates a property, changes room within a property, or has a change in their housing costs, or if I change address.

I undertake to repay promptly any overpayment which may occur as a result of the above circumstances.

I understand that failure to notify the Council of any of the above is a criminal offence and I may be liable to prosecution.

I understand that failure to comply with the above may result in direct payments being withdrawn and further recovery action being taken against me.

I understand that this agreement covers any of my tenants who claim Housing Benefit and for whom I receive direct payments.

I understand that Section 75 of the Social Security Administration Fraud Act 1992 now allows the authority to make deductions from the amount of Housing Benefit paid to a landlord where the landlord has been overpaid in respect of another tenant. Any amount recovered from another tenant(s) benefit payments cannot put that tenant into arrears.  It must be assumed that the tenant’s Housing Benefit has been paid. Separate notifications will be issued if recovery is to be made by this method.