Landlord portal

Click here to access the Landlord portal.

What is the landlord portal?

If you’re a private or social landlord receiving housing benefit direct for your tenant(s), the landlord portal will allow you to:

  • Check payments – the portal will give you a breakdown of the payments you have received. This includes dates and amounts for the individual tenants for whom you receive housing benefit. This can be exported onto a spreadsheet and will replace the paper payment schedule you receive through the post.
  • Report a change – notify us of a change in your tenant’s circumstances, for example household changes or change of addresses.  By reporting changes immediately this can reduce the potential of any over payments.
  • Review individual tenants’ claims – check the status of claims and details of next payment amounts.

How to sign up to the portal?

In order to access the landlord portal, you’ll need to complete the user agreement form and sign up form.

User agreement form – online form or word doc
Sign up form – online form or word doc

Please return completed forms to

Once we’ve received the forms, an email will be sent to the designated contact email address. This will include your log on details and user manual for the landlord portal.