Kick the Habit

Our Kick the Habit campaign asks that you turn off your engine when you're waiting. This will help to improve air quality. Signs and posters from the Kick the Habit campaign are displayed across the district and we're sharing information with pupils, parents and teachers at schools to encourage parents to switch off their engines while they're waiting to collect their child.

Turning off your engine when parked up and waiting will help to improve air quality and protect public health.

According to the Defra clean air strategy 2019, over 30,000 deaths a year nationally are linked to air pollution, and children are suffering life-long health problems as a result of poor air quality.

It's particularly important to reduce idling in the following areas:
• outside of schools
• outside of nurseries and preschools
• in residential areas

If driving is essential, remember to turn off your engine when parked up, even if you are going to be waiting in the car.

Please turn off your engine when waiting.Whenever you need to wait in a parked or stationary vehicle, remember:
• it's less polluting to turn your engine off and restart it after a minute (or longer) than to leave your engine running
• it can take up to an hour for an engine to cool down; turning off your engine but keeping the ignition on and the fan blowing will provide warm air for some time
• modern batteries need less engine running time to work and don’t need the engine on constantly to keep them charged

We understand that stationary vehicles sometimes need to keep their engines on. Having your engine on whilst driving in a queue of traffic isn't an offence but if you know you're likely to be delayed by more than a minute it's still worth switching your engine off. Level crossings are a particularly good place to switch off your engine whilst waiting in traffic.

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