Kerbside collection - frequently asked questions

What do I do with the boxes?

It's quick and easy to recycle using your kerbside boxes. Simply fill them up with the materials listed in the tables on the Kerbside Collection page and leave them at the boundary of your property on collection day. This is usually the same place as you leave your wheelie bin unless a member of the recycling team tells you otherwise. Please ensure that your boxes are out by 7am and clearly visible to the recycling crew. We cannot return to empty boxes that were not put out for collection on time.

My boxes haven't been emptied, what can I do?

As long as your boxes were left in the correct place, out by 7am, did not contain mixed material and you have washed out all your glass bottles, jars, tins and cans your boxes should be collected. We regret that we are unable to return to empty any boxes not presented in time. Any additional material can be taken to one of the bring sites around the district or paper, card and cans can be put in separate carrier bags next to your kerbside boxes at your next collection.  Please do not use black bin liners or cardboard boxes to put out extra material.

I don't have any kerbside boxes - can I get some?

Kerbside collections are now taking place in every village across the district. If you would like to take part in the recycling scheme, please contact the Recycling Helpline. There are some properties, such as blocks of flats, that are not suitable for a kerbside collection and in these cases we have provided communal banks. If you would like information on where your nearest communal bank is situated, please contact the Recycling Helpline.

If you are moving house, recycling boxes should be left behind, as they are the property of Selby District Council. If you have moved into a house without kerbside boxes please contact the Recycling Helpline and we will arrange for a set to be delivered.

If you are regularly producing large quantities of recycling we can provide you with additional boxes. Please contact the Recycling Helpline and we will arrange for a set to be delivered.

Can I get help with my collections?

We want recycling to be as easy as possible for all our residents and so we offer an assisted collection service. This is open to anyone who is unable to put their boxes out for collection for reasons of age or infirmity and have no-one at their address to assist them. If you think you may qualify for an assisted collection, contact the Recycling Helpline for more information.

The Council gets paid for the material it collects so when will we get a reduction in our Council Tax?

We do get an income for the material from the kerbside collections and this money goes straight back into the scheme, helping to pay the day to day running costs. The income helps us to keep Council Tax levels lower but it's not enough to reduce it.