Job Application Guidance

Your application form plays an important part in the selection process. The information contained therein will help decide whether you will be shortlisted for interview and acts as the basis for the interview itself. Guidance for completing each section of the application form is outlined below. All information you provide on the application form will be treated as confidential.

Before you start

Please note that we do not accept CVs in support of applications for employment and ask that you fully complete the application form. If you attach your CV to your application form it will be discarded, and if there are any sections where you state "Please see CV" (or similar) this will not be considered, which could mean you reduce your chance of being shortlisted for interview.

Before you start to complete the application form:

  • Read the advert, job context, job role specification and the required competencies to ensure you understand the role you are applying for and its requirements.
  • Read the application form carefully before you write anything. It may help to make some rough notes on draft paper so you can organise your thoughts.
  • Please feel free to contact to contact the named person on the job advertisement if you require any further information about the vacancy.

Section One - Personal Information

Please complete all sections as accurately as possible. This information will be used to contact you should you be selected for interview or offered a position with the council.

Where possible, please provide an email address (of an account that is most accessible to you). Acknowledgements of receipt of an application and invitations to interviews are sent by email where possible. If you do not have an accessible email address, don't worry, we will contact you either by post or by telephone.

You should also note the section to indicate if you are applying on a job share basis. The majority of vacancies are suitable for job share working. However, where a position is not suitable, this will be stated in the advertisement.

Section Two - Disabilities

Please read the extract from the Equality Act 2010 on the application form and declare if you consider yourself disabled. If you answer 'yes' to this question, please state below it if there any adjustments you require during the recruitment process in order to best aid you. If you do not require any adjustments, leave this field blank.

Please note that this information is used for recruitment purposes only. We do not require you to state your disability on the application form. However, if you do, this will not be used in determining the outcome of your application.

Section Three - Asylum and Immigration Act 1996

Please read the text on the application form and answer the question regarding your right to work in the United Kingdom.

As an employer, it is our duty to ensure that we employ only those who are entitled to work in the UK. Should you be offered a position, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence of your entitlement to work in the UK.

Section Four - Criminal Record

Please read the text on the application form and declare any current convictions or 'spent' convictions.

If a position requires a satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to be carried out, this will be stated on the advertisement. If you do not disclose a current or 'spent' conviction on your application form and the DBS check reveals such a conviction, the council will determine the seriousness of the conviction which may lead to the offer of employment being withdrawn.

Section Five - Housing Act 1996

Please read the text on the application form and answer the question accordingly. If you answer 'yes' to the question, you must provide the name of the company, firm, business or statutory body in the space provided.

Section Six - Miscellaneous

Please answer the questions stated on the application form.

Please pay particular attention to questions 4 and 5 in this section.

  • Question 4 asks if you are related to any SDC Elected Member or employee.
  • Question 5 asks if you have any sort of relationship to a SDC Elected Member of employee.

If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, you must provide further details in the spaces provided. You must state the relationship in question 5, however remote it may be.

Section Seven - Present / Most Recent Employment

Please provide details of your present or most recent employment, as well as a brief description of the duties you carried out in the position.

Section Eight - Previous Employment

Please provide details of previous employment (before that stated in section seven) providing your most recent employment first.

If you cannot fit all your previous employments in the space provided, please list them on an additional sheet of paper.

Section Nine - Education and Training

Please provide details of your education, training and membership of professional bodies in this section. You are not required to disclose any dates in this section. Please complete on an additional sheet of paper if you cannot disclose all of your details in the spaces provided.

Section Ten/Eleven - Supporting Statement and Competencies

These are the main sections of the application form. In these sections, you must tell us why you are suitable for the vacancy you are applying for.

We cannot make assumptions about you or your abilities if you do not tell us we do not know.

Identify your experience, abilities, skills, knowledge and competencies relevant to the vacancy and provide specific examples that demonstrate how you meet the essential criteria for the vacancy. It is not enough to say that you are able to do it. We will need evidence from you that you are able to meet the requirements given in the job context and job role specification including the competencies.

If you can, give examples in the following format:

  • what you needed to do

  • how you did it

  • what the outcome was (whether this be positive or negative

Please continue on a separate sheet of paper if you cannot give all the information in the space provided.

Section Twelve - References

Please provide details of two referees who are willing to provide you with an employment reference.

We will only request a reference should you be offered a position with the council.

We recognise that sometimes it is difficult to provide the details of two referees who are able to provide you with employment references. Therefore, we accept personal references (not from members of your family) only where one previous employer has been provided as a referee.

Section Thirteen - Data Protection

Please read this section as it provides you with details of how your information is used by the council.

Section Fourteen - Declaration

If you are completing an application form by hand, you are required to sign and date this section before submitting your application to the council.

If you are completing an electronic application form and emailing to the council, you are required to type your full name in the space provided.

By completing this section, you are declaring that the information you have supplied on the application form is complete and correct.

Any applicant who conceals or misrepresents information at any stage of the recruitment process is liable to disqualification.

Equal opportunities monitoring supplement

You are asked, but not required, to complete the final page of the application form which requests details regarding your:

  • gender
  • date of birth and age
  • marital status
  • ethnic origin

Any details you provide on this page are not used within any part of the recruitment process. This page is detached from your application form by Human Resources before being passed to the relevant recruiting manager for shortlisting. At no point within the recruitment process is this information released to the recruitment manager or their designated panel members.

The final question on this page is asking you where you saw the vacancy advertised. We would be grateful if you could complete this section as it allows us to determine the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

Check your application

You should now check your entire application form; ensuring simple mistakes such as spelling and grammar are corrected. It's sometimes useful to get someone else to read your form to make sure what you have written makes sense.

Once you are happy, submit your application form!

  • Electronic application forms should be emailed to We acknowledge receipt of all electronic applications by return of email.
  • Hard-copy application forms should be posted or hand-delivered to the address at the top of page one of the application form. We are not able to confirm receipt of posted application forms unless you contact us by telephone (01757 705101) or email We are more than happy to confirm receipt of applications by these methods.

Following the shortlisting process, only applicants whose applications are shortlisted for interview will be contacted.

If you do not hear from us within four weeks of the closing date of the vacancy, you must presume your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. However, we hope this will not deter you from applying for future vacancies with the council.