Internal audit

Our internal audit service is provided by Veritau, which is a shared service company part-owned by the Council. Internal Audit gives assurance to managers and members that Council systems and processes are operating efficiently and effectively, and provides consultancy services and advice on how to improve them.

Veritau work includes:

  • completing a programme of audit reviews during the financial year;
  • reporting key findings to management and members, and reviewing corrective actions;
  • offering ad-hoc advice to officers and managers on internal control, fraud, governance and other areas; and
  • sharing best practice observed at other clients.

For further information on Veritau and its internal audit, counter fraud and information governance services, please visit or contact one of the team below:


Audit Manager

Phil Jeffrey 01904 552926 (York) or 01757 292282 (Selby)


Gail Stormont - Senior Auditor (Principal) 01757 292282