Information for landlords

We have expanded our partnership working with local private sector landlords. We now have a full time Housing Options Development Officer who is a sole point of contact for both prospective tenants and landlords and is working hard to source suitable tenants for the empty properties in Selby and the surrounding villages.

We do not charge a fee for any of the services we offer to landlords or prospective tenants. There is no contract to sign, no obligation to commit, no exclusivity clause and no hidden agendas. For landlords, we offer a tenant find service, bond guarantee scheme, tailored tenancy support, and proof of income or reference checks.

Our aim is to prevent homelessness and provide a platform for people to build from. Through investment to help those affected by homelessness, and working in partnership with local landlords to provide them with the tenants they need, we believe that we can make a real difference to people's lives and support them into private rented accommodation.

If you are a landlord who would like to discuss or take advantage of this free service, please contact our Housing Options Development Officer on 01757 705101 who will answer any questions you may have. We can provide testimonials from landlords we are currently working with and discuss what we have to offer.

If you are a prospective tenant who is at risk of homelessness, please contact us on 01757 705101 for an assessment and to discuss your housing options further. 

Support and incentives

Maintaining relationships with landlords and customers is a crucial part of the schemes success. Any tenant or landlord that is matched through the scheme will receive support from the Housing Options Development Officer.

Bond Guarantee Scheme

The Bond Guarantee Scheme helps people at risk of homelessness gain access to privately rented accommodation, overcoming their inability to provide a landlord's bond or deposit. This also gives a landlord the reassurance that they have cover for damage liability where appropriate for any rent arrears and property damage creating a solid foundation for the tenancy.

Tailored tenant support plan

A support plan will be created for individual tenant and landlords circumstances, but will include a minimum of three visits and property checks during the first three months. There can also be additional landlord inspections at varying intervals. This will start with transitional support ensuring the tenant is managing well prior to the move and any other organisational referrals are in place. Support plans may include but won’t be limited to; direct debit and standing order arrangements for rent and bill payments, budgeting advice, living and shopping well, making smart choices and decisions, maximizing income, and Housing Benefit or Universal Credit support which can be used by the tenant and the landlord alike.

Moving Forward pre-tenancy training

These are classroom based workshops we can offer for pre tenancy training for people approaching the housing service where it has been identified individuals would benefit from additional training and support with tenancies in social or private housing.