Info for residents and businesses

Road closures and parking restrictions 

In order for the race starting point to be set up, we need to close some of the roads and restrict parking.

Tadcaster bridge will be closed from 5am until 8pm on race day (Saturday 29 April).  There'll be a signed diversion via the A64.

The following roads will be closed between 5am until 8pm.  These will also be 'no parking' between 8pm on Friday 28 April to 8pm on Saturday 29 April.

  • Commercial Street
  • Mill Lane
  • Bridge Street
  • High Street (Bridge Street to Chapel Street)
  • Kirkgate
  • St Joseph’s Street

The following roads are on the race route, which means there'll be rolling road closures as the race passes through.  We expect these closures to be between 8.40am and 9.40am for the women's race; then between 1.30pm and 2.30pm for the men's race.  There will be no parking on these roads between 6am and 3pm on Saturday 29 April.

  • Chapel Street
  • High Street (Chapel Street to St Joseph’s Street)
  • A659 Leeds Road (St Joseph’s street to Stutton Road)
  • Stutton Road
  • Wodlands Avenue
  • Garnet Lane (Woodlands Road to A659 Leeds Road)
  • A659 Leeds Road (Garnet Lane to Station Road)
  • Station Road
  • Wetherby Road 
  • A659 Tadcaster to Leeds CC Boundary

You can see details of these closures on a map.

Other parking restrictions

The following roads will also be subject to to parking restrictions.  That's because they need to be used as access for the race vehicles.  There'll be no parking between 8pm on Friday 28 April to 8pm on Saturday 29 April.

  • York Road - Wighill Lane crossroads to Sandfield Lane
  • Wighill Lane - York Road crossroads to Ingleby Drive
  • Oxton Lane – York Road crossroads to 100m south of Ouston Lane
  • Ouston Lane – from Oxton Lane for 100m south.

Town centre car parks

The Chapel Street (Central Area) and Britannia car parks are being used for the race.  This means they'll be closed from Friday evening to 8pm on Saturday 29 April.