HSHAZ Community Activities

We will use innovative ways to tell the stories of Selby’s historically rich past and connect to our present.

Heritage is not looking backwards; it is looking around. 

We want to involve our residents, communities, and stakeholders as much as possible in the HSHAZ and provide meaningful opportunities to participate in designing and delivering the projects which will form part of our programme. We would like our audiences and participants to build confidence and feel pride and pleasure in their town. 

During the property repair works the project will also deliver a series of events and activities that will help local people in celebrating the history of Selby town centre. Activities will include training in conservation skills, historic research, artistic installations, and planning for the future of the town.

Available to all, the projects will enhance Selby for its residents, and anyone interested in visiting and investing in Selby.

Join Us

We are hosting some online talks about our Block Party 3D scanning project. Our poll to choose your favourite historical objects of Selby has picked some exciting finds – see them here!

You can hear more about the fascinating stories behind some of these star objects by attending a series of talks given by curators, historians and owners. Follow the links to find the events on Eventbright:

Grace Chapman and Catherine Keable from Selby Abbey, on 25 June at 1pm, about the Abbey objects and Catherine’s family heirloom bought from a local business of Selby in the 19th century.

Secondly, we will hear from Katherine Baxter, curator at Leeds Discovery Centre will be talking about two of the objects held in her museum's collection, the Selby banknote and the Selby seal on 29 June at 1pm.

And finally, Paula Ware will join us to talk about the Roman Facepots and the dig that found them in Barlby on 22 July at 1pm.

Tickets are available on Eventbright

Don’t worry if you cannot make it to see the event live – we are going to record it and it will make its way onto the web pages here soon.


Get Involved

We will be looking for volunteers for several activities within the different project strands –innovative, experimental, and accessible to all.

We are looking for volunteers this summer to help steward our exciting events, and help with our community engagement. 

Our Summer 2021 Activity Calendar is available here.

Click the links below to find out more