How long before I am housed?

We want to ensure you have as much information as possible about where you'd like live.  Each year we have over 1,000 housing applications form people with a connection to our area.  We can accommodate around 20% of the number of people who apply.

We give the highest priority to people most in need.  When you're accepted onto the housing register, we'll tell you how we've assessed your housing need.  This is broken down into gold, silver and bronze bands.  Gold means those people with the highest needs.

The average waiting time for those who were made an offer varied significantly dependent on their needs.  Those in gold band wait on average 294 days; those in silver band 342 days; those in bronze band 436 days.

The more areas and different types of property types you're willing to consider, the better your chance of being re-housed with us.

We've have produced a table showing the location of all our properties across the district, along with the number and type of property within each parish. 

Click here to read the full allocations policy.