Housing policies

Housing strategy

We want to enable more new homes and for all housing to be of a quality, type and size which meets the needs of our urban, rural and coastal communities and supports economic growth.

To deliver this, we're a member of the York, North Yorkshire & East Riding Strategic Housing Partnership.  We've been involved in the development of a joint Housing Strategy which sets out the priorities for housing growth and delivery from 2015 to 2021. Specifically for our district, we've developed a Selby Action Plan.

The strategy's key priorities

  1. Work with partners to increase the supply of good quality new housing across all tenures and locations (in line with Local Plans/site allocations).
  2. Ensure our housing stock reflects the needs of urban, rural and coastal communities.
  3. Ensure our housing stock meets the diverse needs of our population at all stages of their lives.
  4. Via policy guidance and negotiation, ensure new homes are of good design and environmental quality regardless of tenure.
  5. Continue to make best use of our existing stock and ensure it's of a decent quality to meet the needs of our communities.
  6. Ensure all homes have a positive impact on health and well being and are affordable to run.
  7. Continue to reduce homelessness.
  8. Ensure housing is allocated fairly and on the basis of need.
  9. Provide appropriate housing and support

Tenant Participation Strategy 2020 - 2023

Selby District Council have recently approved a new commitment to tenant engagement throughout Selby District. This strategy has been developed by tenants who worked in partnership with the council setting out how over the next three years, we will look to further cement and improve our relationships with tenants across all areas. 

Over the next three years, we will continue to provide engagement methods which meet our tenants modern days needs including more new diverse and modern approaches. Whilst maintaining our traditional methods to allow all to participate.

To read the full Tenant Participation Strategy and agreed action plan, please see them below;

Tenant Participation Strategy 2020 - 2023

Action Plan 2020 - 2023

Updated Action Plan 2021

Homelessness Strategy and Action Plan

We're committed to maintaining and extending our partnership approach to homelessness prevention, together with key local agencies and the voluntary sector. We've got a new 2020-2025 Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy for the district. 

North Yorkshire Tenancy Strategy

See the North Yorkshire Tenancy Strategy

Our tenancy policy

Read our Tenancy Policy - 2013

Tenancy Policy 2013 (Refreshed 2015)

Housing revenue account business plan

Selby District Council have recently approved a new Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2020-2025. This will be implemented from the 1st April 2020 and focuses on the Council’s plan is to drive the development of more new homes and for all housing in the district to be of a quality, type and size which best meets the needs of both our urban and rural communities.

The plan is attached below:

Housing Revenue Account business plan 2020 - 2025

Housing Revenue Account business plan 2020-2025 - Appendices

Read our previous plan  Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2012-2017

Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2012-17 (Refreshed 2015)

Housing Revenue Account Business Plan 2012-2017 - Appendices

Housing development strategy

Read our housing development strategy 2013

Empty homes strategy

The strategy forms an important part of the our Programme for Growth, an investment programme to tackle the things that matter the most to the community. Through the strategy we will target homes that have been empty for a long time and are inactive in the housing market, and also those which are unlikely to return to use without intervention.

Read our empty homes strategy

This strategy aims to:

  • identify empty properties;
  • raise awareness of the problems regarding empty homes; and
  • reduce adverse impacts on neighbourhoods through bringing empty homes back into effective use

Private housing assistance policy

Click here to view our Private Housing Assistance Policy