Household waste recycling centres and bring sites

Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRC)

Within the Selby District there are two Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRC's) run by North Yorkshire County Council where all residents can take their waste and recyclable items.

Selby and Tadcaster HWRCs - Please see the link below for all the information you will need regarding the two HWRC's.

Selby HWRC

Tadcaster HWRC

Recycling bring sites

We currently have 27 bring sites around the District where you can recycle glass, paper, cans, plastic, textiles, shoes and books. Our online list of sites will tell you:

  • Where each of the sites is located; and
  • what type of waste each site will accept.

Although all of our recycling banks are emptied on a regular basis, at certain times of the year, such as Christmas, recycling centres are much busier. If you do find the banks are full please don't leave items at the side or on top of them. As well as being unsightly, broken glass could cause injury to people and animals.

You can also use your postcode to find your nearest recycling site on the Recycle Now website.

Beverage cartons (Tetrapaks) and disposable coffee cups

Plastic lined paper cups can now be recycled at the three bring sites in our district that also recycle food and drink cartons. 

The bring banks at Hillam Community Centre and Ulleskelf playing fields now accept paper cups which are used for hot drinks such as tea and coffee in high street coffee shops, fast food outlets and supermarkets. 

Please make sure the cups are empty before recycling them.

ACE UK Carton Banks

We now have three carton banks in Selby, Sherburn and Monk Fryston. These banks will accept paper containers with metal ends such as Pringle tubes.

The carton banks will accept:

  • Food and drink cartons
  • Pringles tubes
  • Paper-based gravy granule containers with metal ends
  • Paper-based hot chocolate containers with metal ends
  • Paper-based coffee containers with metal ends
  • Other paper-based tubes with metal ends

The bank will not accept:

  • No lids
  • No food
  • No food trays, tubs and pots
  • No paper, card, glass, tins, textiles etc

Energy saving light bulbs disposal

Energy saving light bulbs function in much the same way as a fluorescent tube and contain electronic components and a small amount of mercury (each just enough to cover the tip of a ballpoint pen) to deliver their overall energy benefit.

It's therefore much better not to put these lamps in the normal household waste bin at the end of life. A more environmentally friendly and responsible way of disposal is to ensure that the lamps are recycled at the end of their life and therefore separated from your normal household waste. Containers are available for these lamps at your local Household Waste Recycling Centre. The containers are returned to specialist companies for recycling.

More guidance on the use, safety and disposal of energy saving light bulbs is available from DEFRA.