Hidden Histories

Selby is a small town with a big history. The Hidden Histories project will explore the history and heritage of Selby, through unexpected streetscape installations, designed by a creative team of a writer and designer.

This Hidden Histories project will create a new way of engaging residents, businesses and visitors to the town. Collaborating with community groups, the team will develop heritage interpretations, ranging from little known facts to highly historical significant events. As well as personal histories to uncover the individual and social heritage of people who have lived in and visited the town.

The historic town centre’s physical installations will be assisted by a digital element that invites local residents to contribute their own hidden histories - this will generate a body of inspiring stories and facts.

The Abbey is the focus - and the people who have fought over it throughout history - as pilgrims, as invaders and as tourists, as residents have borne witness to.

Sites may include alleyways, walls, floorscapes, doorways and corners. At least ten sites. Text represents history and could be hand chalked, spray stencilled, projected, reverse graffiti on paving, printed onto cards, notices or posters or in the form of audio pieces triggered by IR beams or via mobile.

More details will be announced shortly about this project.