Heritage Action Zone

Selby town was one of 69 successful applications to the Historic England High Street Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) fund. Following the successful bid there will be a four year programme of activity at the historic core of Selby town. This includes; developing exceptional public realm design and creating cultural and community experiences that will connect people with the heritage of Selby. 
An initial £430,000 has been allocated by Historic England alongside Selby District Council’s own £600,000 pledge to the project scope. A programme design phase will commence between now and January 2020 which will finalise the project activity and amounts to be invested. 
The project is called ‘Beyond 950’ and will start in April 2020.
The project scope includes:
  • Planning Policy Development - including strong heritage and conservation appraisals, management plans and design guides for future development.
  • Digital Voice – considering how we engage our local ‘digital’ population through culture and infrastructure support, creating access to Selby town in new and innovative ways.
  • Renovation and Repurpose – bringing back quality design to high street buildings and encouraging diverse uses.
  • Connecting Realms – access improvements to signage, junctions, highways and crossings that encourage pedestrian flow.
  • Town Gateways – linking car park improvement plans to high quality space, events and activity in the heart of the historic core.
  • Beyond 950 – underpinning all the above through cultural activity to test public realm space for events and activity, and connect local stories and artefacts to local business and communities.

Click here for an outline of the bid

The next immediate steps are to engage with Historic England and finalise the detail on the programme design stage. Part of this includes establishing appropriate governance arrangements which we want to ensure will have key representatives from a diverse range of community and business groups, both across this work and the wider town’s revitalisation work under way.