Hate Crime

A hate incident is any abuse, bullying, violence or vandalism believed to be motivated because of the victim’s race, religion, gender, disability, age, or sexuality. 

Hate incidents can feel like crimes to those who suffer them, and they often escalate to crimes or tensions in a community. 

Reporting hate crimes

The police are concerned about hate crimes and hate incidents and you should report these to the police. The police can only prosecute when the law is broken but can work with partners from other agencies to try and prevent any escalation in seriousness. More information is available from North Yorkshire Police.

You can also report hate crimes to the True Vision website.


Stop Hate 24-hour telephone helpline is there to assist victims. Stop Hate UK is staffed by trained operators 24 hours a day is available on 0800 138 1625.

Other organisations can also provide information and support.

Victim Support.

Stop Hate UK.