Hall of Fame - Our Litter Heroes

Every week we see lots of people out and about picking up litter in their local area. Here we celebrate some of the litter heroes who have shared their photos with us to encourage us all to pick up litter when we see it and do our bit to keep our district looking beautiful.

Jake, Brayton

Jake is one of our litter heroes. He cares a lot about his local community and litter picks in the Brayton area regularly. His own litter picker broke and, for his birthday, he asked for one just like our street cleaners use. How could we resist? Here he is action using his new litter picker.


Michelle and Deborah, Byram and Brotherton

Byram and Brotherton normally boast a dozen or more litter pickers actively involved on the first Sunday of every month, and with annual collections of 500 or more bags of litter they’ve been keeping the villages clean and tidy since 2017.

Since Covid however, these collections have not been allowed and some of the team have been going out independently or in pairs  and have become well-known around the villages with their hi-viz vests and pickers - very much appreciated by all they meet.

Visitors to the area sometimes stop them to compliment them on how tidy the area is, and are interested in how they got started as they’d like to do something similar in their own community.

From January this year, they've already collected 167 bags of litter.

Here are Michelle and Deborah just setting off for an hour’s litter picking.

Michelle and Deborah in high visibility jackets with litter pickers and bags for the litter they will pick up

Derek, Brayton Barff

This is Derek and he’s one of the litter heroes working hard to look after Brayton Barff. 

He said: A day does not go by when our members are not actively picking up litter around the Barff. The Barff is a beautiful woodland, we volunteer our spare time to pick up a multitude of litter - plastic bottles, beer and lager cans, plastic bags, coffee cups, dog poo bags, from all over the Barff. A lot of visitors to the Barff do not realise that this work goes on but we do it regularly to keep the Barff tidy.

Every year we support dozens of individuals and community groups to carry out volunteer litter picks to help tidy the place they live. These are our every day Litter Heroes. We can loan litter pickers, high-viz vests and black bags and we’ll collect the bags of rubbish afterwards – all for no charge. If you’d like to get involved and join our fantastic litter heroes there's more information here.

Sherburn in Elmet Womblers

Thanks to all the fabulous volunteers in Sherburn in Elmet.  If you’re interested in joining them you can find them on Facebook at Sherburn in Elmet Wombles. The anti litter poster won a competition organised by the group. It was designed by Isla Goldthorpe age 8. Great work Isla. Also pictured here is one of the Sherburn Wombles volunteers, Noah - thank you for all your hard work.


Cromwell Polythene

Cromwell Polythene recently took part in the Great British Spring Clean. They carried out five litter picks, collecting over 700 items! That was 15 bags of litter which weighed over 15kg. Amazing work!


Wincanton, Sherburn

Wincanton staff picking litter up at the side of a road Staff from Wincanton have been working hard picking up litter in our district last week. They collected four bags of rubbish from different areas around their Sherburn site. Well done to everyone involved.

Selby Big Local & Selby Womblers

This litter pick was organised by Selby Big Local and saw ten volunteers including the Selby Womblers in action picking up litter in June in Selby town centre. Well done to all the volunteers!


Isabella and Hermione

Isabella and Hermione are regular litter pickers in Selby, Brayton and Thorpe Willoughby. Fantastic work!

Two girls standing holding litter pickers and bag for rubbish in front of trees  Two girls with four bags of rubbish they've collected on a grass field