General flooding update

You can find out more here about general information about flooding and how to stay up-to-date.

Flood warnings

The latest information about flood warnings can be found via the Environment Agency website.  Where possible, we also give information about flood warnings via our Twitter feed. A number of other organisations post information and advice about flooding via Twitter, and you may also wish to follow these feeds: 


For recorded flood warning information, or to speak to an operator for general information and advice 24 hours a day, telephone Floodline on 0845 988 1188.  You can also call this number to register for Floodline Warnings Direct.  This free service provides flood warnings direct to you by landline or mobile phone.

Flood warnings are broadcast on many local TV and radio stations during weather and traffic bulletins.

Transport information

Click here to see the latest road closures across North Yorkshire.  This information is held by North Yorkshire County Council.  Please do not drive through flood water or remove any road closure barriers.  These are in place for everyone's safety.

Keep safe around flood water

Flood water can be dangerous.  Please do not walk or drive through it.

  • Just a few inches of flood water can knock you off your feet, with powerful undercurrents.
  • You can't see any hazards in the flood water, for example manhole covers often come unstuck during flooding.
  • It's difficult to gauge how deep the water is.
  • Flood water can be contaminated.

What does Selby District Council do in cases of flooding?

We work with the Environment Agency, North Yorkshire County Council, Police, Fire & Rescue Service and other support organisations to provide help to residents and businesses affect by flooding.  The distribution of sandbags  is prioritised for vulnerable people and vital community facilities.  In cases of serious flooding we have arrangements to distribute sandbags to central locations within affected communities.  People can then decide how best to use these within their own areas.

If you need to speak to us about flooding issues please call 01757 705101, which includes out-of-hours support.

Looking after drainage and gullies

Drainage and gullies are the responsibility of North Yorkshire County Council Highways Maintenance Department.  Their Selby office can be contacted on 01757 702441.