Gender Pay Gap Reporting

As of April 2018, along with all other public sector bodies, Selby District Council is legally required to publish information on any Gender Pay Gap and the information pertaining to ourselves (as of 26th March 2018) is detailed below in the format required by the Government.

Difference in 'mean' hourly rate of pay 10.9%
Difference in 'median' hourly rate of pay 14.3%
Difference in 'mean' bonus pay 0%
Difference in 'median' bonus pay 0%


  Male Female
Percentage of employees who received bonus pay 0% 0%


Employees by pay quartile Male Female
Upper quartile 38.8% 61.2%
Upper middle quartile 42.1% 57.9%
Lower middle quartile 23.1% 76.9%
Lower quartile 15.2% 84.8%


As a means of explanation, we believe the figures are reflective of the fact that the Authority currently employs 178 female staff and 82 male staff.  The fact we employ nearly twice as many female staff than male, is due to the Council continuing to offer and support flexible working through ‘family friendly’ and ‘work/life’ balance policies.  Historically these policies have mostly affected female staff with families, balancing out work and family life.

What the Government Gender Reporting format does not allow us to do is to analyse the pay gap across different sectors of the workforce, and when we do this at Selby, looking at for instance the senior management team, we are proud to show that female staff are strongly represented in the senior management team.


Total Male Hourly Cost £127.11  
Total Female Hourly Cost £184.94  
MEAN Calculation    
Male Mean £31.78 (£127.11 ÷ 4)
Female Mean £36.99 (£184.94 ÷ 5)
  -16.40% MEAN Paygap
MEDIAN Calculation    
Male Median £28.56 Mean of no's 2 + 3
    (£28.56 + £28.56) ÷ 2
Female Median £31.70 Number 3
  -10.99% MEDIAN Paygap


In summary, in both our recruitment and employment policies, we continue to promote gender equality and our robust systems ensure we recruit and employ the best people for the job, regardless of their gender.