Garden waste collection service consultation

The new North Yorkshire Council is committed to providing households across North Yorkshire with a high-quality waste and recycling collection service. Unlike the collection of your paper, glass, cans, plastic, and non-recyclable waste, garden waste collection is a non-statutory service – this means we are not required to provide it. Currently, garden waste collections across North Yorkshire are provided as an opt-in subscription service, except in the Selby area where garden waste is collected free of charge. We know that many households across the Selby area value this service and we want to continue to make it available.

From 1 April 2023, the new North Yorkshire Council replaces the 8 councils currently providing district and county level services. To be fair to all households in North Yorkshire, the new council is harmonising the garden waste collection service, so all households have the choice to receive the same service funded in the same way.

In response to exceptional financial pressures on public services, this self-funding approach to garden waste collection is in line with the majority of other councils across England. The average cost in the Yorkshire and Humber region is around £44 for an annual garden waste subscription. The annual fee for 2023/24 for households in North Yorkshire is £43.50 per garden waste subscription.

Households who do not wish to pay for the service are free to make their own arrangements, such as home composting, or dispose garden waste at their local household waste recycling centre for free.

The 6-week consultation, open until 3 April 2023, allows residents in the Selby area to share their views and help inform us on the future demand for the garden waste collection service in the Selby area.

As the consultation runs to 3 April 2023, there will be no change to the existing garden waste collection service in the Selby area from 1 April. We will tell you about any changes through press releases, messages on social media, and communications on our website later in the year.

Take part in the consultation here.