Frequently asked questions

What is the Community Engagement Forum?

Community Engagement Forums are public meetings at which you can raise any concern or make any comment about your local area and your services.

They are split into two parts: an open community forum where all residents of the CEF area can attend and a Partnership Board meeting which is open to the public but contributions can only be made at the chairs discretion.

The Community Forum meetings give you a chance to speak directly to the people who deliver your local services, for example policing, street cleaning and road safety. This is a chance for you to have your say about the issues that are important to you and the place where you live.

The Partnership Board meeting is where funding applications are discussed and the direction of the CEF is discussed. The Partnership Board is made up of district councillors, parish councillors and co-opted members of the community.

What is the Community Fund?

Each CEF receives an annual budget that it can distribute to groups and organisations within its own area. There are two types of funding available: grant and project funding. The Allocation of Funding Framework can help you decide if you can apply, and what type of grant you can apply for.

How often do CEFs meet?                                                                       

CEFs will meet no less than four times in a year - all the dates are published on our website.

How often can organisations apply?

If an organisation has been given a grant they cannot apply for funding for the same project for another two years. They may apply for funding for another project but they must be able to demonstrate that it is a completely separate project.

If an organisation is unsuccessful in their application for funding they are welcome to re-submit an application at any future CEF meetings.

What sort of projects will be funded?                                                                    

Each CEF will develop their own Community Development Plan (CDP) which will focus on areas of priority for their own community. Applications for funding must show that they meet one or more of the objectives on that CEF’s Plan. It must also show it has community support e.g. by giving evidence of discussions and consultations with local stakeholders.

How do you apply?                        

The application process is the same across all CEF areas. You can download an application form from the Funding page under each CEF's webpage. Once completed, please email it to

How long does it take?                 

All applications will be discussed at the next CEF Partnership Board. Details of upcoming Partnership Board meetings for each CEF can be viewed by clicking here, scrolling down the page to the section called 'Community Engagement Forums' and choosing which CEF you are interested in.

Once it has been discussed by the Partnership Board and a recommendation has been made it will be passed to Selby District Council to check and approve. A final decision is usually made within three weeks of the CEF Partnership Board it was discussed at. You will be contacted by Democratic Services by email or letter with details of the final decision.