Food Export Certificates

Any food business registered with us that exports food and drink products may be required to provide an Export Health Certificate (EHC) by the country of destination. An EHC confirms that the specific business and the food produced for export is produced in compliance with all relevant legislation and does not present a risk to health.

EHC’s can be provided for fishery and composite products and products not of animal origin (PNOAO) by Selby District Council for export to the European Union (EU) and other countries. Certificates cannot be issued for Foods of Animal Origin (FOAO) apart from fish and fishery products.

FOAO must be certified by an Official Veterinary Inspector (OVI); details of local OVI’s can be found on EHC Online.

Certificates can only be supplied to businesses registered within Selby District and we may need to inspect your business and/or the product to verify compliance with all relevant legislation. We reserve the right to decline certification if your premises, hygiene standards and practices fail to meet food safety legal standards.

If you are commercially exporting food from the UK, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of any requirements or restrictions which apply.

Certain composite products may be exempt from EHC requirements, including confectionery, pasta, bread and biscuit products which meet certain criteria. Click here for further information

All EHC’s must be applied for using EHC Online. Click here to create a login and request certificates and specific certificate templates can be found here. Please note that there are different certificate templates for product exports to the EU, China, Hong Kong and Canada.

EHC’s are issued within 5 working days of request and can be provided in both physical and digital format. This is a chargeable service and payment is paid via quarterly invoice.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your EHC request meets all criteria of the consignment destination and that all information is correct. Re-requests are chargeable and urgent requests may incur additional costs.

Further guidance and information may be found in the links below or please contact the Export Certificate Team on or 01757 705101.

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