Flexible tenancies consultation

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Selby District Council are currently in the process of reviewing their use of Flexible Tenancies, which are offered to all new tenants after their Introductory Tenancy. These tenancies are very similar to our Secure Tenancies but are for a 5-year fixed term. After 5 years, if the tenant/s no longer the require the property because they are under-occupying it (there are too many bedrooms for what are needed) the tenant may be asked to leave, and a tenancy offered at a more suitable property.

The Council introduced these tenancies as a way to try and reduce the amount of people under-occupying Council properties, freeing them up for larger families who may need them more. However, after using Flexible Tenancies since 2015 we would now like to review their use, check if they are fulfilling their purpose, and speak to tenants about their experiences of being a Flexible Tenant, or how they would feel being offered a Flexible Tenancy.

By completing this questionnaire, you will feed into this review and help the Council make the best decision for both our tenants and properties going forward. This questionnaire is available until 20th August 2021.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and complete the questions below: