Flexible tenancies

Selby District Council now uses flexible tenancies for most new tenants moving into our homes, in line with our new Tenancy Policy. This will ensure you get the right type of home when you need it and assist us in making the best use of our properties across the district. flexible tenancies have many of the same rights as secure or lifetime tenancies, including 12 months as an introductory tenant, but your tenancy has a fixed end date.

In most cases if you are offered a flexible tenancy it will be for five years.

Existing tenants with secure tenancies will retain that security if they transfer to another Selby District Council property.

Details of when we will offer either a five year or two year Flexible Tenancy are shown below.

Five Year Flexible Tenancies

The aim of the Councils Tenancy Policy is to assist residents who most need our support whilst recognising that this may only be a short term need. In the longer term, many new tenants may not need the assistance of a lifetime tenancy at a low rent, and at some point in the future may be able to consider other housing options such as shared ownership, shared equity or renting privately.

As a result, all tenants housed after the 1st of April, 2015 have been offered a five year flexible tenancy unless they are eligible for a lifetime (secure) tenancy

The five year flexible tenancy period will commence after a 12 month introductory tenancy.

Secure Tenancy

Tenants will be offered a lifetime (secure) tenancy to the following groups :-

  1. Existing Secure tenants of Selby District Council moving to another Selby District Council property
  2. Applicants moving into sheltered housing, whatever age they are
  3. Applicants of state pensionable age or over
  4. Applicants who are ‘vulnerable’, unable to take care of themselves; protect themselves from harm or prevent themselves from being exploited

For new tenants of Selby District Council, the lifetime (secure) tenancy will commence after a 12 month introductory tenancy.

Flexible tenancies - frequently asked questions (faqs)

Please click on this link to view our faqs