First aid and food safety training

Food Safety Training

Under the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, food business proprietors are required to ensure that all their staff engaged in food handling activities are suitably trained and/or instructed in food hygiene matters.

It is recommended that all food handlers be trained to at least the Foundation Food Hygiene level and that those with a managerial role receive further training to an Intermediate or Advanced Food Hygiene level.

For details of training providers, see the Food safety page.

The Council can also provide tailored courses to those requiring food safety training at a level below the Foundation level. These courses can be carried out either at the Council or onsite.

First Aid Courses

For complete information on the role of first aiders, as well as details of local courses, visit the St John's Ambulance website.

Useful Links

The following outside organisations can help with advice and training: