Extra waste

Each year, every home in the Selby district creates about a tonne of rubbish. As part of our efforts to reduce the amount of rubbish we dump at landfill sites and boost recycling rates we will not collect any rubbish at the side of your refuse bin and the lid must be closed flat.

We will continue to help those, especially larger families, who are recycling as much as they can and still have too much waste for one wheeled bin. We will provide help and advice on waste minimisation and in certain circumstances a larger bin will be provided. 

Extra Non-Recyclable Waste 

We will not collect any rubbish at the side of your refuse bin and the lid must be closed flat. 

You can dispose of excess waste at a household waste and recycling centre. These can be found at

  • Canal Road, Selby
  • Station Road, Tadcaster

Extra Recycling 

Extra paper and cardboard can be presented next to your brown bin. Please ensure the cardboard boxes are flattened. Please do not use black bin liners or cardboard boxes to put out extra cardboard or paper. 

Only loose glass, cans or plastic placed into your blue bin will be collected.  You can dispose any additional materials at a household waste and recycling centre.

What happens if I have a large family?

If there are six or more permanent residents in your household you may qualify to receive a larger bin (360 litre). If you find that you are recycling everything that you can, but you are filling your refuse bin because the number of people in your household, additional support may be available. This may involve a visit from one of our officers who will assess your waste on site and give you further advice.

In order to qualify for a 360 litre wheeled bin your household needs to meet one of the following criteria:

  • There are six or more people in permanent residence at the property and you are recycling everything you can using our kerbside recycling scheme.
  • There are large quantities of non-hazardous medical waste. Please note that nappies are not medical waste.

Request a large bin if you have a large family (you must provide proof of residency for all members of the household) - doc

Request a large bin if you are producing large amounts of non-hazardous medical waste - doc.