Exchanging homes

Do you want to downsize, find a larger home, move closer to family or move for a new job? A home swap/mutual exchange can be a quicker way of getting the home you need.

What is a Mutual Exchange?

Council tenants have the right to Mutual Exchange. A Mutual Exchange occurs when a Secure, Flexible or Assured tenant applies to their Local Authority landlord or Registered Provider to exchange their property with another Secure, Flexible or Assured tenant.

Who is eligible?

There are certain conditions which must be met before the landlord will approve an application in accordance with the prevailing Housing Legislation. Council tenants must not carry out an exchange without the Council's permission.

Applying for a Mutual Exchange through Homeswapper

As our tenant, you can register free for a Mutual Exchange on the Homeswapper website.

  • Homeswapper is the chosen Mutual Exchange service provider of Selby District Council
  • It is a home swap service that helps council and housing association tenants to exchange their homes.
  • It is the largest home swap service and gives access to half a million homes across the country
  • Once you've registered you can set up your search criteria, create favourite lists, direct message other people and even access Street View maps of properties you're looking at.  
  • You can now complete all your mutual exchange paperwork using the swaptracker section of homeswapper.

Other Mutual Exchanges

Further information around the mutual exchange providers other partner landlords within North Yorkshire Home Choice use can be found on the North Yorkshire HomeChoice website.

If you are wishing to swap homes with a tenant of a landlord outside of the North Yorkshire Home Choice scheme you should speak with the landlord directly to check how they facilitate Mutual Exchange or register with one of the other providers. Please note that some schemes charge for advertising your home with them.

Transfer incentive scheme

The transfer incentive scheme is designed to help tenants 'downsize' to a smaller home as things change for you. You may find that when children have grown up and moved on, you no longer need as many bedrooms or as much space; perhaps you're starting to have difficulty with the stairs or general upkeep of your home.

Smaller properties usually benefit from lower council tax and lower rent and they should cost less to heat meaning that gas and electric bills should be cheaper. The scheme can also be used if you are looking to downsize to avoid paying a shortfall in Housing Benefit if you have a spare room.

We can offer a financial incentive and support to tenants who are interested in downsizing by arranging and paying for your furniture removals, assisting with Housing Benefit claims and by giving you a £500 cash incentive.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The scheme is open to all tenants wishing to downsize either within family accommodation, or transferring out of family accommodation into older persons' accommodation or one-bedroom general needs accommodation.
  2. You must be a secure/flexible tenant of Selby District Council and have a satisfactory tenancy report that shows that:
    • your home meets our standards;
    • we are not taking anti-social behaviour action against you; and
    • you do not have any rent arrears outstanding.

The transfer incentive does not apply to home swaps/mutual exchanges.

If you're interested in the scheme and would like to see if you qualify then please contact your Neighbourhood officer on 01757 705101, or via neighbourhoodofficers@selby.gov.uk