Escrick Neighbourhood Planning Referendum (NPR) - Thursday 6 October 2022

Following the Examiner's Report on Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Council has produced a Decision Statement (as required under Regulation 18 of The Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, as amended) which sets out the Council's response to each of the recommended modifications contained within the Examiner's report. The Decision Statement confirms that, subject to the recommended modifications being made to the Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan should proceed to referendum.

To view the documents currently available and further details about the Escrick Neighbourhood Planning Referendum, click on this link.

The date of the referendum was Thursday 6 October 2022. Voting took place between 7.00am and 10.00pm at Escrick and Deighton Village Hall.

Referendum Documents

Below are the documents that set out the relevant information for the referendum.

Information Statement

Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan - Draft for Referendum

Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan - Design Code

Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan - Summary of comments submitted to the Examiner

Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan - Examiner's Report

Escrick Neighbourhood Development Plan - Decision Statement

Notice of Referendum

Notice of Poll and Situation of Polling Stations 


The results of the Neighbourhood Planning Referendum are set out below.

Electorate: 752

Turnout: 33%

Ballot Papers Issued: 246

Response to the question: IN FAVOUR

Declaration of Result of Poll Notice