Employment Land Review

The Employment Land Review (ELR) is an important source of evidence, which has been prepared to ensure that the plan is based on a good understanding of existing business needs, likely changes in the market, the current employment land position and the potential future supply of employment land.

2018 Employment Land Review

This document was written in August 2016 with site assessments updated in May 2018.

2015 Employment Land Review

The Draft Selby District Employment Land Review undertaken by GVA was published as part of the focused engagement consultation (29 June 2015 – 10 August 2015). In responding to the focused engagement, people were asked to consider a range of specific questions relating to the Draft Employment Land Review. The document can be downloaded below:

Employment Land Refresh - 2010

Provides a partial update to the 2007 study taking account of changes in the economy and up to date national guidance.

Employment Land Study (2007)

The Employment Land Study was commissioned in 2007 to provide an evidence based analysis of the district and recommendations on future employment planning policies.

The Study includes recommendations on: