Elections 2015

Parliamentary Results

Parliamentary results for the Selby and Ainsty constituency

District Results

  • Conservative – 22 seats
  • Labour – 8 seats
  • Independent – 1 seat

Voter turnout - District Council - 66.7%

District results - wards A to M

District results - wards R to W

Parish Results

Parish results for the wards requiring an election

General Election

We are the responsible authority for conducting the election for the Parliamentary seat of Selby and Ainsty. The Ainsty part of the constituency includes four wards in Harrogate Borough - Marston Moor, Ouseburn, Ribston, and Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale.

District Council Election

This was the first election for Selby's district councillors since the boundary review that reduced the number of council seats from 41 to 31 and amended the boundaries and names of the wards that make up those seats.