Elections 2013

11 October 2013

Please see the following link for the results of the by-election held on 10 October 2013.

Declaration of results

02 October 2013

The Poll for the By-election in the County Division of South Selby will go ahead in Communities of Cliffe, Hemingbrough, Osgodby, Camblesforth, Carlton and Drax on 10 October 2013. Details on the Notice of Poll below.

Notice of Poll

18 September 2013

Candidates can appoint Election Agents to handle their communications and administration of the election. Those who don't are deemed to be their own Agent. The list of Agents published on 18 September is available below.

Notice of Election Agents - South Selby Division By-Election

13 September 2013

Nominations closed at 12:00 (Noon) today and there are four candidates contesting the by-election for the South Selby County Council seat. Please check the Statement of Persons Nominated below to confirm the candidates.

Statement of Persons Nominated

05 September 2013

Following the 20 June Notice of Vacany an election has now been called. The By-election to fill the seat of the South Selby Division of North Yorkshire County Council will be held on 10 October 2013. The Notice of Election is posted below.

Notice of Election - County Division of Selby South

20 June 2013 - Notice of Vacancy - County Division of South Selby

Notice of Vacancy

03 May 2013 - Election Results

The County Council is in charge of some key services in this area, including education, roads and social care services; that's why it's so important to have your say.

Please view the North Yorkshire County Council page for the results.

Update 4 - 24 April 2013

The Notice of Poll has been published, this confirms the candidates and locations of Polling Stations

Notice of Poll

Update 3 - 10 April 2013

Today saw the deadline for prospective Candidates to withdraw from the Election pass without anyone doing so.

We are now able to confirm that those names on Statement of Persons Nominated are those that will appear on our Ballot Papers.

Today we must also post Notice of those Election Agents (below) appointed by Candidates to act on their behalf. Any Candidate who has not appointed an Agent is deemed to be their own Agent.

Notice of Election Agents

Update 2 - 5 April 2013

Nominations for the County Council elections on 2nd May have closed and so we now know who is standing for election.

The Statement of Persons Nominated in each of the 9 Divisions can be downloaded by clicking on the following link.

Statement of Persons Nominated

As Poll Cards have arrived at our homes, the team are getting calls from residents who realise they are away on May 2nd. Postal Vote forms are available by clicking on the Electoral Services Button on the left side just below this 2013 button.

If you are thinking of a postal vote due to a holiday, please consider when you will actually depart. The Postal Votes will be despatched on 22nd April and will arrive in most homes on Tuesday 23rd April. Will you already be away? In that case it may suit you better to appoint a Proxy. Please read the information on Proxy Voting on the Electoral Services button and download a proxy form instead.

Update 1 - 26 March 2013

The Notice of Election for the North Yorkshire County Council Elections has been published.

Nominations papers are available from the Deputy Returning Officer's office at Selby Council's Civic Centre. Please click on the following link for the full details.

Notice of Election

02 May 2013

This May voters in North Yorkshire will have the opportunity to elect the 72 Councillors to sit on the County Council for the next 4 years.

To assist voters this website again offers the ELECTIONS 2013 section where you can find the very latest information on what's happening and have access to notices, lists of candidates, etc. We will provide regular updates and place papers at your disposal to easily download.

Polling takes place on Thursday 02 May and will be between 07:00 and 22:00 (10pm) at 72 polling stations in 63 assorted village halls, community centres and schools, together with the odd caravan and portable cabin across the district.

Of course, as always, postal votes or the appointment of proxies will be available to voters who may be unable to vote in person. These two forms of alternative voting, other than at your polling station, are jointly referred to as "absent" voting.

Selby's own 10 seats are distributed across 9 electoral divisions, groups of communities and parishes that make up an electoral area. We have eight single seat divisions and one 2 seat divisions, as below:

A list that shows in which Division your parish/community sits is available here.

The Election period starts with the publishing of the Notice of Election on Tuesday 26th March 2013, at which time Nomination Papers will be available from the office of the Returning Officer or from the Elections team within our Democratic Services Unit.

The Election Timetable is available here.

The County Council have prepared a Candidate Guide, which includes information about the County Council and the work of its Councillors, this can be downloaded here.

To help all those standing for election, the Electoral Commission, the UK's independent elections watchdog, has again provided guidance on how to stand, conduct during the campaign, and what candidates can spend on their election campaigns.

The Returning Office, urges all candidates to familiarise themselves with the Electoral Commissions website. It is in everyone's interests, including the voters of North Yorkshire that they do.