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Eastern CEF Consultation on the Community Development Plan - SURVEY

The Eastern CEF Community Development Plan (CDP) is due to be updated and the Chair  would like to invite you to complete a brief questionnaire which will help to shape the document and provide key themes for the CEF Forums.

Please see below a link to take you through to a message from the Chair of the Eastern CEF, Bob Procter, along with the on-line survey.


Future Meetings and Forums

The next meeting of the Eastern CEF Forum will be on Thursday 26 September 2019, at Barlby Library and Community Hub, at 6.30 pm - the theme will be Addressing Crime & Crime Prevention across Selby District.  A flyer for the event can be viewed by clicking here.

The next meeting of the Eastern CEF Partnership Board will be on Wednesday 16 October 2019 at 7.00 pm, at the Regen Centre, Riccall.  Any funding applications will be considered at this meeting, the deadline for applications will be 12 noon on Monday 7 October 2019.  Please ensure your application is completed correctly by referring to the information on the funding pages.

Funding decisions

Three new community projects have received funding following the latest CEF meeting (April 2018) - they are:

  • Bee-Able CIC (Eastern CEF Holiday Activities)

  • Magnetic Arts (Spring into Art)

  • PlayStillingfleet (Village Defibrillaor)

Pension Credits

Did you know that in the Selby and Ainsty Constituency, according to a report produced by Independent Age, there are an estimated 1,401 households not claiming pension credits to which they are entitled? The average weekly payment is £49.21, and it's thought that around £3.1 million pounds' worth of pensions credits are going unclaimed. For more information, the full study is available to view online here.

If you think this applies to yourself or someone you know, you can get further advice online from the government on how to claim pension credits here.

Life-saving defibrillator training delivered

Potentially life-saving defibrillator training has been delivered to residents of Stillingfleet following a funding grant from the Eastern area Community Engagement Forum (CEF).

PlayStillingfleet approached the Eastern CEF for funding for a defibrillator which has now been installed with 40 residents completing the training to use the machine.

Earlier this year, the CEF agreed the funding of £1,157 towards the installation of the machine at Stillingfleet Village Hall.

School children benefit from eyesight workshop from Selby District Vision

More than 200 children have benefited from a unique workshop looking at eyesight issues, funded by the Eastern area Community Engagement Forum.

Selby District Vision received £2,100 funding and delivered their educational project to 266 primary school children that looked at eye health, sight loss prevention and visual awareness.

The local charity provided 10 hands-on sessions for children from reception up to year 5.

Escrick & Deighton Social Club's new kitchen following grant from Eastern CEF

The Eastern CEF gave a £9,750 grant to replace the dated existing kitchen at the Escrick & Deighton Social Club. This has helped increase the club capacity and adhere to the latest catering standards.


Message from the new Chair of the Eastern CEF - Bob Procter

I am delighted to have been appointed to Chair of the Eastern CEF. 

I wish to see this group become more pro-active in the area, and to that end, would want Partnership Board members to become more involved in the projects we support with funding. Many groups come to us with projects which need our support, not only financial support but also to draw on the experience of the CEF members. I believe that site visits to relevant projects would be beneficial to all concerned. The Partnership Board has a wealth of talent and can help and assist applicants.

In terms of CEF Forums, I want to ensure that we engage relevant speakers who will benefit community groups in practical ways. I am aware that groups just starting out often have a need for straight and simple advice on how to progress, the pitfalls to avoid and their legal and social responsibilities. In some cases it may be that efforts are being duplicated and there may be merits in joining or amalgamating with other similar groups to achieve economics of scale and 'synergy'.

Let's make community engagement truly engaging with the community.

Bob Procter