Eastern CEF funding

How to apply for funding

There are two types of funding available: project funding and grant funding. The Allocation of Funding Framework will help you decide if your organisation can apply for funding, and which funding type to apply for. 

Grant funding

You will need to complete the application form, please use the Word version of the application form). We have produced some guidance to help you complete the application form.

These documents will help you:

Eastern CEF - General Conditions

Eastern CEF - Community Development Plan (CDP)

Project Funding

You will need to fill in sections 1 and 3 of the application form. Instead of completing section 2 you will need to complete a Project Brief.

Please use the Word version of the project brief.

You can download and save the word version of the application form / project brief and once completed email it to cefadmin@selby.gov.uk.

Completing an Application

All applicants have to discuss their funding application with the Development Officer before submitting the application form - applications will not be considered if this has not been done. 

Please contact Chris Hailey-Norris chrishaileynorris@yahoo.co.uk / 01757 291111.

Presenting your application

You are encouraged to attend the Partnership Board meeting when your application is considered, so you can answer any questions. 

3 April 2018 - funding approval - Eastern CEF

6 November 2017 - funding approval - Eastern CEF

9 October 2017 - funding approval - Eastern CEF

26 April 2017 - funding approval - Eastern CEF

1 February 2017 - funding approval - Eastern CEF

 November 2016 - funding approval - Eastern CEF