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Do I need a licence to drive a Taxi or Private Hire Vehicle?

If someone pays you to drive them somewhere then you need a licence.

To apply for a Taxi or Private Hire drivers' licence, you must have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 24 months (two years).

**From April 2022 if applying for a new or renewal of a private hire or hackney carriage licence you will be required to complete a tax check. If this is not done we will not be able to grant the licence if a renewal:

Click here for further information on tax checks

Click here for  information on how to set up a tax account

Click here for a fact sheet and further and other resources


Private Hire Drivers, click here to download your driver handbook showing the conditions of licence

Hackney Carriage Drivers, click here to download your driver handbook showing your conditions of licence

Click on the link below to apply for a drivers licence online. 

New Driver including DBS fee of £38.00 £257.20
Renewal Driver  £121.30
Amendment to Licence £ 11.40

Making an application

We need to carry out a right to work check, please email licensing in the fist instance. Click here to arrange an appointment.

If you are not a UK national you can create a share code to proof your right to work by clicking here

A range of documents can be used to show that you have the right to live and work in the UK. Click here to check which documents you can use.

As part of the application you'll need to pass a Knowledge and Safeguarding course.

You'll need to satisfy the Council that you're a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Click here to find out how we make that decision.

Only submit an application when you have all of the supporting documentation.

Here's your check list of what you'll need to do:

  • A completed application
  • Fee paid
  • One passport sized photograph
  • Enhanced DBS certificate (Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service, applied for by Selby District Council only). All new applicants will be required to sign up to the DBS update service, following submission of their DBS application, which they will need to remain signed up to, or they will risk suspension until another full DBS has been completed and they sign up to the service again. Click here for a list of documents you can use
  • One reference
  • Completed Group 2 Medical
  • Completed and passed the Knowledge & Safeguarding Course in York
  • DVLA Access code provided (please be aware this code is only valid for 21 days).
  • Certificate showing a Pass mark for the Practical Driving test for drivers of Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicles and where applicable a wheelchair assistance test. The Council has approved the following providers of these tests.
  • Blue Lamp Trust
  • Green Penny
  • AA DriveTech
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM Roadsmart)
  • Driving Instructors Association

Knowledge and Safeguarding Course

Click here to book the Knowledge & Safeguarding Course. Please advise them that you're a Selby applicant. 

In preparation for the training day you should familiarise yourself with the Council’s Licensing Policy and Byelaws.

The Knowledge and Safeguarding training day will cover a variety of topics aimed at helping you in your new role. These topics include:

· Disability Awareness

· Child and Adult Safeguarding

· Sexual Exploitation

· Equality Awareness

· Customer Service

· Legislation and Byelaws

· York’s Pedestrian Zone awareness

The day will end with a test on these subject areas, along with questions relating to routes within the Selby area, locations and places of interest, which you will be expected to pass in order to progress your application.

If you fail the test you'll be able to take a re-test. All applicants will be able to take a maximum of 6 tests. 

Safeguarding Numbers for Drivers:

Police Call Centre - 101

Police Emergencies - 999

Licensing Team - 01757 705101

Safeguarding Team (Selby) - 01609 780780

Crime Stoppers - 0800 555111

Changes in applications from April 2022 in regard to HMRC checks

From April 2022 drivers will be required to carry out an HMRC check prior to applying for a new or renewal of a licence. click here for further information on what you need to do.

To complete a tax code check click here

What forms do I need to apply?

Click here for a New Driver Application

Click here for the Medical Forms - the medical must be completed by your own GP

All application costs are to be paid by the applicant. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse costs incurred, whether a licence is granted or not.

A fee of £11.00 is payable if a change to a licence is made.

How to apply for a DBS check

Click here for DBS Verification Checks

Click here to pay for DBS

Existing Drivers need to complete an Enhanced DBS with us every 3 years. This must be applied for via Selby District Council. All drivers must sign up to and remain on the DBS update service from 23 January 2020. Click here to sign up to this service.

Once the payment for the DBS has been paid, we require three forms of ID from you (dated within the last three months and must not include a mobile phone bill) and an email address, we will then email you a link for you to enter your personal details. Once you have submitted this information the DBS process will begin. 

When you receive the DBS certificate back, you must contact the Licensing Team to arrange a date and time to show the certificate to us. 

Please be aware the licence is at risk of being suspended if you fail to provide any of the checks (DBS/Medical/DVLA access code, do not remain on the DBS update service)  that are required during the duration of the licence.

Tacit consent

A tacit consent does not apply to either hackney carriage or private hire driver applications, meaning that your application will not be automatically granted after a specified period of time. Each application must be considered on its own merits to ensure that all safeguarding measures and qualifications are in place

Medical Exemption To Carry Wheelchairs