Draft strategic housing market assessment (SHMA)

The Draft Selby District Strategic Housing Market Assessment was undertaken by GL Hearn and Justin Gardner Consulting. The document can be downloaded below.

PDF iconDraft Selby District Strategic Housing Market Assessment - June 2015

Context and summary

The Selby District Core Strategy already sets out the District’s housing requirement based on Strategic Housing Market Assessments undertaken in 2009 and 2011. The Core Strategy sets out a need to deliver 7200 new homes across the District from 2011 to 2027, a period of 16 years.  This equates to the building of at least 450 new homes per year.

PLAN Selby is being prepared to deliver the Core Strategy housing requirement. However, it is important to compare the most up to date objectively assessed housing need for the District to that contained in the Core Strategy.

The draft SHMA uses the most up to date population and household formation projections available. The draft findings of the assessment are now available for comment as part of the Let’s Talk PLAN Selby Focussed Engagement.

Some key draft findings are:

  • The District’s objectively assessed need for housing is about 430 dwelling per annum up to 2027. This supports the adopted policy position in the Core Strategy.
  • There remains a significant affordable housing need across the District and this supports the Council’s adopted policy position.
  • In terms of wider sub regional housing markets, the strongest relationship based on local authority areas is between Selby and York.  However, in policy terms there should be recognition of the relationships with Leeds and Wakefield from a housing market point of view.  This supports the production of a SHMA for Selby District.

The SHMA is a complex and technical document and it is important that the draft findings of this study are shared and discussed with neighbouring authorities, North Yorkshire County Council, the local enterprise partnerships, house builders, agents and developers.

Strategic Housing Market Assessments:

  • enable local planning authorities to work together to develop long-term strategic views of housing need and demand to inform development plan making and housing strategies;
  • provide local planning authorities with an objectively assessed housing need;
  • enable local authorities to think spatially about the nature and influence of the housing markets in respect to their local area;
  • provide robust evidence to inform policies aimed at providing the right mix of housing across the whole housing market – both market and affordable housing;
  • provide evidence to inform policies about the level of affordable housing required, including the need for different sizes of affordable housing;
  • support authorities to develop a strategic approach to housing through consideration of housing need and demand in all housing sectors – owner occupied, private rented and affordable – and assessment of the key drivers and relationships within the housing market;
  • draw together the bulk of the evidence required for local authorities to appraise strategic housing options including social housing allocation priorities, the role of intermediate housing products, stock renewal, conversion, demolition and transfer; and
  • provide a framework for the most appropriate and cost-effective use of public funds.

Focussed Engagement Consultation (29 June 2015 - 10 August 2015)

The Focussed Engagement consultations undertaken between 29 June and 10 August 2015 were arranged to allow us to understand comments made in the Initial Consultation in more detail, talk about issues and options arising, and seek your views on a number of draft studies before they were finalised.

The PDF iconDraft Selby District Strategic Housing Market Assessment was published as part of the focused engagement. In responding to the focused engagement, people were asked to consider a range of PDF iconspecific questions relating to the Draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

Next Steps

We are in the process of evaluating representations along with other evidence for PLAN Selby. We anticapate that we will go out for the preferred options consultation in the summer of 2016. More information on the timetable for PLAN Selby is available in the Authorities Monitoring Report.