Draft strategic countryside gap study

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PDF icon Draft Strategic Countryside Gap Study

Context and summary

Strategic Countryside Gaps (SCG’s) in the District are protected by a saved policy in the Selby District Local Plan.  This planning policy designation is also referred to in the Council’s adopted Core Strategy.

If later in the plan making process the Council decide to include Strategic Countryside Gaps as a designation in PLAN Selby, it must be able to justify that such gaps fulfil an important planning purpose and that their coverage/extent has been assessed and is justified.

Hence the draft study has undertaken this work and recommends that a number of areas of countryside are important consideration in retaining a settlement’s identity and character. A draft planning policy for Strategic Countryside Gaps is also set out in the study.

The study concludes that, were the Council to go forward with such a policy in PLAN Selby the following areas would be justified as Strategic Countryside Gaps:

  • Brayton and Selby
  • Barlby and Barlby Bridge
  • Barlby and Osgodby
  • Thorpe Willoughby and Selby*
  • Church Fenton (East) and Church Fenton (West)
  • Cliffe and Hemingbrough**
  • Gateforth (North and West) and Gateforth (South and East)***
  • Hensall (North) and Hensall (South)
  • Skipwith (North) and Skipwith (South)
  • Stillingfleet (North) and Stillingfleet (South)
  • Thorganby (North) and Thorganby (South)**
  • Tadcaster (North East) and Tadcaster (South West)****

The draft study concludes that, apart from those Strategic Countryside Gaps (SCG’s) marked with an asterisk above these ‘candidate’ SCG’s should cover the same area as identified in the Selby District Local Plan.

* Thorpe Willoughby and Selby, the study concludes that part of the land between the settlements could be designated, but not in its entirety.  In view of the lack of defined boundaries between the two settlements no boundary has been identified.  If the Council decide to identify a Strategic Countryside Gap in this location, its coverage will be subject to further work.

** Cliffe/Hemingbrough and Thorganby (North and South) the study proposes an extension to the SCG designation that currently exists in the Selby District Local Plan (SDLP).

*** Gateforth (NW/SE) it is proposed that a reduction to the area covered by the SCG designation of the SDLP would be appropriate.

**** Tadcaster it is proposed that a new SCG could be identified.

The study includes maps of all these ‘candidate’ SCG’s.

Focussed Engagement Consultation (29 June 2015 - 10 August 2015)

The Focussed Engagement consultations undertaken between 29 June and 10 August 2015 were arranged to allow us to understand comments made in the Initial Consultation in more detail, talk about issues and options arising, and seek your views on a number of draft studies before they were finalised.

The PDF icon Draft Strategic Countryside Gap Study was published as part of the focussed engagement. In responding to the focussed engagement, people were asked to consider a range of PDF iconspecific questions relating to the Draft Strategic Countryside Gap Study.

Next Steps

We are in the process of evaluating representations along with other evidence for PLAN Selby. We anticapate that we will go out for the preferred options consultation in the summer of 2016. More information on the timetable for PLAN Selby is available in the Authorities Monitoring Report.