Draft stage 1: Green belt study

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PDF icon Draft Stage 1: Selby District Green Belt Study

Context and summary

The Selby District Core Strategy confirms the establishment of the Green Belt across the west of the District and parts of the north of the District.

The Core Strategy also confirms that the most sustainable pattern of growth for the District may require PLAN Selby to allocate land for new development that currently lies within the Green Belt.

This is because the sustainable growth of the District has been identified in the Core Strategy as relating to some of the District’s settlements within or close to the Green Belt.  These are the District’s principal service centres of

  • Tadcaster and Sherburn in Elmet

and five of the 18 Designated Service Villages, namely:

  • Bryam/Brotherton
  • Eggborough/Whitely
  • Escrick
  • Monk Fryston/Hillam
  • South Milford.

This Stage 1 Study comprises:

  • a study of the history of the Green Belt in Selby
  • a planning policy review
  • a methodology for the study assessment
  • an assessment of areas of the Green Belt against the purposes of the Green Belt

The study concludes with a schedule of scores in Table 8 that reflect how strongly each area of the Green Belt is considered to perform against the 5 purposes of the Green Belt (para 80 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Following the finalisation of Stage 1 and having taken into account the comments received from the focussed engagement, Stages 2 and 3 of the Green Belt Study will look at major development constraints and define specific parcels of land that may require further assessment in the site allocation process.

However, it is only if the Council can demonstrate the existence of exceptional circumstances that land can be released from the Green Belt.  The demonstration of whether exceptional circumstances exist can only take place later in the plan making process when the suitability of potential housing and employment sites in non Green Belt locations have been assessed.

Focussed Engagement Consultation (29 June 2015 - 10 August 2015)

The Focussed Engagement consultations undertaken between 29 June and 10 August 2015 were arranged to allow us to understand comments made in the Initial Consultation in more detail, talk about issues and options arising, and seek your views on a number of draft studies before they were finalised.

The PDF icon Draft Stage 1: Selby District Green Belt Study was published as part of the focussed engagement. In responding to the focussed engagement, people were asked to consider a range of PDF iconspecific questions relating to the Draft Stage 1: Selby District Green Belt Study.

Next Steps

We are in the process of evaluating representations along with other evidence for PLAN Selby. We anticapate that we will go out for the preferred options consultation in the summer of 2016. More information on the timetable for PLAN Selby is available in the Authorities Monitoring Report.