Draft Employment Land Review

The Draft Employment Review 2015 was undertaken by GVA. The document can be downloaded below.

Draft Selby District Employment Land Review


Context and Summary

The adopted Selby District Core Strategy (October 2013) sets out the scale of distribution of new employment development to be planned for over the period, based on the recommendations of the 2007 Employment Land Study and the Selby District Employment Land Refresh 2010.

Core Strategy Policy SP13 states that the Council will support the provision for an additional 37 – 52 ha of land for employment development to be brought forward across the District in the period up to 2027.  The policy provides an Indicative Employment Land Distribution with:

  • Selby and Hinterland providing 22-27 hectares,
  • Tadcaster providing 5-10 hectares,
  • Sherburn in Elmet providing 5-10 hectares, and
  • The rural areas (including Eggborough and A19 corridor) providing 5 hectares.

Some key draft findings are:

  • The findings of the demand modelling work that has been undertaken in the ELR supports the Council’s adopted policy position, both in terms of the overall quantum of identified demand, and also in terms of the breakdown across Selby District. Safeguarding Olympia Park, which is identified as a strategic employment site for Selby in the adopted Core Strategy, is also supported by this report.
  • The ELR supports the five functional economic areas which underpin the Core Strategy evidence base, and the conclusions about existing supply in these areas is as  follows:
    • Selby Town – has sufficient existing supply identified, no further sites are required.
    • Selby Rural – insufficient existing supply, further sites need to be identified through PLAN Selby
    • South Selby – insufficient existing supply, further sites need to be identified through PLAN Selby
    • Sherburn – sufficient existing supply, no further sites are required
    • Tadcaster – insufficient existing supply, further sites need to be identified through PLAN Selby

The ELR recommends that key employment locations in Selby District are identified based on the following criteria:

  • In proximity to the M62 / A19 / A63 / A64 corridors – key strategic accessibility drivers of the Selby economy;
  • A site which could help to provide B1/B2/B8 employment connected with key sectors (high value manufacturing sub sectors and professional business services where appropriate);
  • Supportive of the role of the key centres of Selby, Sherburn-in-Elmet and Tadcaster;
  • Of a large scale (over 8- 10ha) offering occupier flexibility and large scale investment potential for locally grown businesses or for inward investors if appropriate;
  • Consider locations supported by the Local Enterprise Partnership

The former mine sites are identified as opportunities for small to moderate scale of employment development within the supply assessment.

In accordance with the NPPF requirements for an ELR, existing employment allocations have been assessed in order for a conclusion to be reached on whether these sites should continue to be allocated.  Figure 1.3 of the Executive Summary sets out the ELR conclusions on existing employment allocations.

The ELR suggests that a flexible policy stance should be taken towards enabling small scale office related development in the Tadcaster and Sherburn, as well as in the Designated Service Villages and Secondary Villages.

Focused Engagement Consultation (29 June 2015 – 10 August 2015)

The Focussed Engagement consultations undertaken between 29 June and 10 August 2015 were arranged to allow us to understand comments made in the Initial Consultation in more detail, talk about issues and options arising, and seek your views on a number of draft studies before they were finalised.

The PDF icon Draft Selby District Employment Land Review was published as part of the focused engagement. In responding to the focused engagement, people were asked to consider a range of PDF iconspecific questions relating to the Draft Employment Land Review.

Next Steps

We are in the process of evaluating representations along with other evidence for PLAN Selby. We anticapate that we will go out for the preferred options consultation in the summer of 2016. More information on the timetable for PLAN Selby is available in the Authorities Monitoring Report.