Dog warden service

To report a stray dog please contact the Dog Warden Service on the numbers given below.

Out of hours customers have the option of:

1)     Releasing the dog

2)     Keeping it until the next working day or

3)     Taking it to a reception point

Council contact details are:

Dog Warden Service - 01757 705101

The Acceptance Kennels currently being used by this Authority are at:

Woodhaven Kennels
Common Lane
South Milford
LS25 5BX

01977 685404 - please contact the kennels by telephone prior to arrival to confirm their availability to take the dog.

To report a dangerous dog, please contact the Police by telephoning 101.
To report any welfare issues relating to dogs, or any other animals, please contact the RSPCA by telephoning 0300 1234 999.