Discretionary Adaptations Assistance Grant application form

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The Discretionary Adaptations Assistance Grant can help people who own their own home, private tenants, and tenants of social landlords (not council tenants) adapt their homes to meet the needs of disabled children and adults.

We are responsible for delivering this grant. If you have any questions, please call us on 01757 705101 or email privatehousingassistance@selby.gov.uk

Housing Grants, Constriction and Regeneration Act 1996 

The Housing Renewal Grants (Amendment) (England) regulations 2008

Please note - If you are filling out this application form on behalf of the person requiring the grant assistance, please complete this form with their details. 

Section 1 - Eligibility checker

Please include name, agency and contact details
Please note - if you are not in receipt of any of these benefits, and assessed work is expected to cost more than £6,000 a full means test will be administered. This will take into account both yours and your spouses’ income and savings to determine if you have a contribution to pay towards the work required, either in full or in part.

Section 2 - Details of the person(s) needing assistance 

Individual's details: 

Please provide your partner's details below. 

Section 3 - Details of the property 

Please provide the details of the type of tenure on the property. 

Section 4 - Types of work requiried 

Section 5 - Applying on behalf of someone else 

If you are completing this application for someone else who is requiring this assistance, please provide your details.




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