Disabled Facilities Grant (Adaptation) Policy 2021

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We have a duty to consider housing conditions within our area. This includes having regard to the needs of chronically sick and disabled persons, including the provision or adaptation of existing accommodation for their disabled tenants. We have a legal responsibility to provide Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) and we are committed to facilitating any appropriate property aid or adaptation that will allow our residents to live independently with confidence and dignity.

We have recently drafted a new policy in regards to how these will be processed. This is relevant to any resident who wants to be considered for a Disabled Facilities Grant, irrelevant of the kind of property they live in (whether it is owned, rented privately or rented via a social landlord or SDC).

We would therefore be very grateful if you could read the new draft policy and provide feedback below:


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When a person might need to help pay towards their DFG
Which aspects of the process are undertaken by SDC and which by NYCC
Who is and isn’t eligible for a DFG
When a DFG application might be refused and next steps after this

Thank you for taking the time to read the draft DFG (Adaptations) 2021 Policy and provide your feedback.