Salary disclosure

As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency the information below details the renumeration provided to our Senior Management Team. The salary disclosure shows the normal FTE salary for each post holder.

Please see the following links to the Pay Policy Statement:

Expenditure over £250

Information regarding Council spending over £250 is also available on our dedicated web page. Please see the following link for details:

National non-domestic rates datasets

Reports will be updated by the first of every month. The information contained in the reports is from our systems on the 25th of the previous month.

Please see previous months datasets on the following page - datasets-national-non-domestic-rates-archived.

Contracts Register

To view our latest Contracts Register please click here.

Waste Collection Contracts

We're required under the transparency code to publish details of our existing waste collection contracts, in addition to our contracts register. Please see the details below.

Existing waste collection contracts - pdf

Invitation to Tender

The following link details every invitation to tender for contracts to provide goods and/or services with a value that exceeds £5,000 for the last quarter (July - September 2017).


Government Procurement Cards

The following link details all spending on Government Procurement Cards.

Government Procurement Cards (up to September 17)


The following links provide Selby District Council's most recent parking accounts.

Parking Account 2016/17

Parking Account 2015/16

Parking Account 2013/14 and 2014/15

Trade Union Facility Time

The following link provides all information related to Trade Union facility time for 2014/15.

Trade Union Facility Time 2014/15 - pdf

Counter Fraud Work

The following link provides all information related to counter fraud work.

SDC Counter Fraud Work 2016-17 - pdf

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations

The following link provide details of all grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations for 2014/15.

Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations - pdf

Land and assets

SDC Local Authority Land - xlsx

SDC Local Authority Land - csv

Social housing assets - xlsx

Local area information

We use a range of data about our area to inform decisions about our services.  You can read the 2017 Local Insight Report here.

Data North Yorkshire

We are also working in partnership with other North Yorkshire local authorities and organisations to become more open with our data, please visit the website by clicking here. This site is a catalogue of data for anyone to use, in any way you want. You are able to search for, preview and download data from a wide range of providers on a number of different themes.

Because we have produced this site in partnership, you can look at information from different organisations across the county in one place. It gives you the opportunity to share, discuss, map and analyse. The site even allows data to be used to build applications should you wish to, with the extensive API.