COVID-19 Housing Information

Some of our services are affected by Covid-19. We need to protect our staff and tenants as far as possible.

Customer contact centre

In line with government guidance, our customer contact centre is now closed for walk-in (face-to-face) visits and the Civic Centre reception is closed. 

This includes our Housing Options surgeries - these are no longer taking place. These will be replaced by specific appointments for priority customers. Where possible customer enquiries will be by phone but for homeless customers some face to face meetings may still be required.

You can still email us at

Don’t forget, you can also do lots of things on this website, including making some payments and reporting issues.

Housing Tenancy Services

Housing Tenant Services have paused all home visits, viewings and sign ups. The only exception to this will be where the situation is deemed to be an emergency. In these limited circumstances, where face to face visits, meetings and appointments do go ahead, there will be hygiene measures in place to reduce any risk to staff and customers.


All environmental health, enforcement, rent and anti-social behaviour inspections and visits have commenced with safety mesures in place such as a pre-visit conversation to check for any symptons. Revenue appointments will take place over the phone and property inspector visits will be limited.  

Offer of Property - Guidance

Current lettings process and timescale information

At this stage, we are unable to give a timescale but it will be reviewed and dependant on how the situation progresses. Should you not wish to wait until the restrictions are lifted and therefore be released from the accommodation offer. We would not class that offer as an reasonable offer.

If an applicant is currently under offer or we are making an offer

If you have been offered a property and you wish to wait until the restrictions are lifted. The offer remains valid and they will remain matched to the property until such time it is deemed safe to progress to a viewing / sign up. 

We will keep in touch with you during this period and ask that you also contact us at any point if you wish to change your mind and decide not to proceed with the offer of accommodation, we can released from the accommodation offer.

In the meantime, if an applicant is unfamiliar with the area, we advise they may wish to research this on the internet and using online maps to get an idea of location, schools, amenities, transport etc in the local area in the absence of a viewing.

However, it is important to not visit the property until contacted by by a Neighbourhood Officer.

What happens next should the applicant choose to proceed with the viewing?

We will make contact as soon as we are able to proceed with a viewing and sign up and that, if you have any queries, you can contact the Housing Support team on 01757 705101 or via email at and they will be happy to help. 

Trades Team

Our trades team are carrying out emergency repairs only and our contractors are continuing to carry out gas and electrical inspection and servicing. These teams will check with tenants that are not isolating or have symptoms.

This means that when you call us to report a repair we will assess whether it is essential for someone to attend.
This measure has been put in place for the health & safety of our tenants, staff and contractors and follows the current Government guidance to reduce social contact as much as possible.

Please be honest in your response to enquiries made by our staff and contractors. It will help us to protect all our tenants, staff and contractors in the manner that Government has requested.

Emergency repairs are classed as those where there is a risk to health and safety or where we need to take quick action to prevent damage to your home or neighbouring property. Some examples are:

  • Loss of toilet facility where there are no other facilities at the property
  • Personal security – door locks, access control systems - where these present a risk to security and there is no other means of access
  • Fire alarm faults
  • Immediate structural issues and risk of collapse 
  • Burst water or heating pipe, where this cannot be contained in any way or the heating pipe leak is stopping the boiler from working
  • Gas leaks or escapes
  • No heating or hot water or washing facilities
  • No electricity or unsafe electrical fitting

Rent and tenancy visits

If you are worried about making your rent payments to due to loss of earnings because of self-isolation or illness please contact the Housing Rents Team by emailing or calling us on 01757 705101. We are supporting tenants with advice and assistance to access any benefits they may be entitled to enabling them to pay their rent as much as possible

If you are affected by coronavirus, there is a wide range of support and information available about the changes the government has brought in to support people who are already claiming benefits, need to claim benefits, or are at risk of losing their job as a result of coronavirus.

Anti-Social Behaviour

As more and more of us are spending extended time at home during the pandemic we may be more aware of noise from our neighbours. We would kindly request that you demonstrate patience and understanding in this difficult time before you decide to log a formal complaint.

We will continue to investigate complaints and take housing enforcement action where necessary in line with the Government legislation for Covid-19.

Lifeline Team

The Lifeline team have suspended home visits but will contact customers by telephone and also offer help with shopping and prescriptions (charged at normal rate). We continue to respond to emergencies reported through the pendant alarm and the Ryecare out of hours service will prioritise essential calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I still look at doing a Mutual Exchange?

A.  Due to the current guidance on Covid-19 we are unable to carry out mutual exchanges at this time, however during this period you can use home swapper to identify potential swaps for the future. You could also use this time to update your advert, add photos of your property and make sure all your preferences are up to date. If you find a swap, you should not travel to view the properties until the current guidance in relation to essential travel and social distancing are lifted. You could however research the local area online.

Q. I reported repairs before the lock down which are on 25 day orders – will you still be coming?

A. If you already have a non-urgent repair booked with us, we have cancelled all scheduled appointments and you will need to contact us again to request the work once we are operating as normal. As part of our response to the coronavirus outbreak, Selby District Council has made the decision to carry out only emergency repairs to tenants' homes until further notice.

Q. My neighbour is making a lot of noise. What is classed as noise nuisance?

A. As more and more of us are spending extended time at home during the pandemic we may be more aware of noise from our neighbours who are also home for longer periods and at different times.

Whilst the council can act against those who repeatedly make unreasonable noise that impacts on their neighbour’s enjoyment of their homes, there are some day to day noises that are heard due to people living in close proximity to one another. Examples would include footsteps and noise from washing machines and vacuum cleaners and children playing. In these instances, it may require more understanding and patience rather than formal action or intervention by the council. Likewise, you should also consider how activities may impact on those around you.

The dedicated Coronavirus section on our website is regularly updated and will be kept up to date with changes to services, latest news and developments.