Council Tax Support

What is Council Tax Support?

Council Tax Support can help you pay your council tax bill if you're on a low income.  It's a council tax discount scheme run by us, rather than a state benefit.  Pension age people fall into a prescribed scheme which is set by central government that is very similar to Housing Benefit.  It is assessed based on their full council tax liability.  

If you apply for Council Tax Support, you must continue to pay your usual council tax.  Your application does not mean you'll automatically qualify for support.

Working-age Council Tax Support

From 01 April 2020 the working age Council Tax Support scheme is changing to come away from the complex means test.  We have replaced it with an income banded scheme.  This will assess the percentage level of discount given to households based on the net income of the applicant and their partner (if they have one) and family circumstances.  

The income bands from 01 April 2022 are set out in the table below:

Council Tax Support Level (before any non-dep charges applied)


Single Weekly Income Band

Couple Weekly Income Band

Family with one child Weekly Income Band

Family with two or more children Weekly Income Band


All Cases

£0.00 - £113.00

£0.00 - £165.00

£0.00 - £206.00

£0.00 - £268.00



£113.01 - £160.00

£165.01 - £211.00

£206.01 - £253.00

£268.01 - £314.00



£160.01 - £211.00

£211.01 - £263.00

£253.01 - £304.00

£314.01 - £366.00



£211.01 - £258.00

£263.01 - £309.00

£304.01 - £361.00

£366.01 - £464.00

The scheme also has the following features:

  • the capital limit is reducing to £6,000.00.  If your capital is above this you will not qualify for support
  • claimants or partners who receive Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance Income Based, Employment and Support Allowance Income Related will automatically receive 100% support  
  • As with the Housing Benefits Scheme income from Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments, Child Benefit, Child Maintenance and War Widow and Widowers Pension/War Disablement Benefits will continue to be disregarded in full
  • Net earnings will be taken into account when calculating Council Tax Support 
  • To support incentives to work, an earnings disregard of £20.00 per week will be applied to each claim that contains earnings, regardless of the hours worked
  • A flat rate of £5.00 per week will be applied to each non-dependant member of the household
  • The Minimum Income Floor will still apply to self-employed income after one year of trading
  • Extended-payment periods have been removed from the working age Council Tax Support scheme
  • Backdating is limited to one month and assessed on whether there is good cause to do this
  • Universal Credit
    • your Universal Credit payment and any earnings you receive will be used to work out your Council Tax Support
    • Deductions taken from your Universal Credit will be included as your income
    • the housing cost element will be pro-rated - the value of your Universal Credit award that is attributed to housing costs will not be included as your income when working out your Council Tax Support 

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