Council Tax Energy Rebate

Following the increase in energy and gas prices, the Government announced that households in England in Council Tax bands A-D will get a £150 rebate to help with the cost of living. This rebate will not need to be repaid.

Discretionary Energy Rebate for Bands A to D £50 top up

The government has made a limited discretionary fund available to help those on low incomes. Selby District Council will be supporting those in bands A to D who receive 100% full Council Tax Support with a further £50.00 payment. If we hold your bank details from a direct debit we have paid this £50 to you automatically into this bank account.

If we do not hold your direct debit details you need to apply for the £50 top up, you still need to do this again even if you supplied your details for the £150 main scheme payment. This is by the Grant Approval facility and you can use the log in details you set up previously for this purpose. Eligible households have been issued a letter inviting them to make an application, the form to do this is here

Please note if you have been invited to apply for the £50 top up but have not applied for the £150 main scheme yet the separate application form can be found below under '£150 Council Tax Rebate Scheme update'

Discretionary Energy Rebate for Bands E to H

To help those not eligible for the main scheme Selby District Council will be supporting those on low incomes in bands E to H who received any amount of Council Tax Support with a £150.00 payment. Eligible households have been issued a letter inviting them to make an application, the form to do this is here

£150 Council Tax Rebate Scheme update

Our team has now completed processing payments for all Direct Debit payers where it has been possible to pay automatically. Over 27,580 payments have been made and arrived in residents’ bank accounts.

If your payment has not been received, or if you don't pay by direct debit, you will need to apply for the Council Tax £150 Energy Rebate Scheme online.

Who is eligible for the rebate?

You are entitled to the rebate if:

  • your property is in a Council Tax band A to D (or if you are in a band E property and you receive a disabled band reduction)
  • you are liable to pay Council Tax
  • your property is occupied as someone's sole or main residence

You are not entitled to this rebate if:

  • your property is a holiday home or second home
  • your property is not someone's sole or main residence on 1 April 2022
  • your property is in a Council Tax band E to H (unless band E and a disabled band reduction is applicable)
  • the liable party is a company or organisation

Application process for customers without a direct debit

If you do not pay your council tax by Direct Debit you will need to apply for the rebate. We have sent letters to all eligible households asking you to apply for the rebate. You can use this online form to apply for the rebate.

We are using a facility called Grant Approval for the application process, this is to ensure that payments are made correctly and to mitigate the risk of fraud and error.

To apply, you will need to set a basic account up on Grant Approval using your e-mail address and setting a password. Further instructions on how to do this can be found in the Energy rebate guide to applying document. Once your account is set up, you can then proceed to submit an application. You will need to enter your council tax account number and property reference number from your council tax bill. You will also need to provide bank details.

In order to process your application, we will need to validate your personal details and your bank details.

Once your application has been approved and we expect to make payments within 14 days. You can check the status of your application by logging onto Grant Approval and clicking the “My Requests” green button.

There are four approval status:

  • Submitted - applications that have been submitted and are pending assessment
  • Assessing - applications that have been forwarded for assessment
  • Action required - there is an issue with the application and further action is required. Click on the comments tab on your application for further information.
  • Application awarded £150 - application has been validated and approved. Payment will be made within 10 working days.

Validation of application details

We’re required to validate your details to ensure accurate payment of your rebate and to prevent fraud.

You may receive an error message in the application process if your name does not match the name, we hold on the council tax account, this could be because:

  • you’re not a person liable to pay council tax at the property, in which case you’re not eligible for a rebate. If you are still responsible for energy payments at the property a separate discretionary application, will be available shortly.
  • You’ve changed your name and we are unaware, for example you’ve been married or divorced

If you can’t validate your application and believe you should be able to, or need to update your details, please email

Validation of bank details

You will be required to provide your 8-digit bank account number and 6-digit sort code.

As part of the application process, a bank validation check is conducted through TransUnion which is a credit referencing agency. These checks will not affect your ability to gain credit or affect your credit score. In some cases where this process has been unable to validate the details supplied on an application, you may be asked to provide further supporting information and we will contact you directly.

Your bank details will be validated against your personal details provided and the address registered at the bank. Bank validation may fail if the details on your bank account differ to your current situation or those, we hold on to the council tax database.

It may be that your bank account details need updating, please contact your bank to do this. If you need to update the details held on your council tax account, please email

Providing further details

If your application has failed one of the validations processes, you will be asked to provide further details. Logging into your Grant Approval account and checking the comments will tell you what additional information you will need to provide.

If you have friends or family members that can help you with the digital form, they can help you submit your details. The quickest way to receive your payment is by making your application online, if we then need to contact you for further evidence to support your application this can be done with you directly.  

Unable to complete your application online

If you cannot get online and nobody in your household can help, you can call our customer services team on 01757 705101. The phone lines are very busy at the moment, so you may be waiting a while before your call is connected to an adviser. 

If our customer services team complete your application, there could be a delay in receiving your payment. This is due to the automatic checks being unable to be completed, resulting in the Local taxation team manually checking your application.

Please make sure you only give your personal details to someone you know you can trust or through our customer services team. there have been reports of scammers pretending to present local councils to get access to bank details from customers.

If your household is eligible for the Council Tax Rebate but do not apply for the payment the £150 will be credited to your council tax account in July/August to reduce your balance and your remaining installments for 2022/23 will be recalculated. If this payment leaves your council tax account in credit you can request a refund and we will require bank details for this.


Read our Mandatory Council Tax Rebate Scheme Policy.

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