Council Plan 2020 to 2030

This Council Plan sets out our ambitions for the district over ten years. It sets out our vision of the Selby district as 'a great place'.  It includes our priorities and how we plan to deliver these.

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Our big ambitions for the area between 2020 and 2030 are to make the Selby district:

  • a great place to live;
  • a great place to enjoy;
  • a great place to grow; and that
  • Selby District Council delivers great value.

How will we do this?

We'll work collaboratively with others - recognising that we're not experts in everything, we'll use the best expertise, resources and skills across our partners and communities.

We'll continue to be close to our communities - involving more of you in decisions about your area and your services.

We'll put our customers at the heart of our services - supporting you to be more self-sufficient and maximising the use of digital technology in how we deliver your services.

We'll support your wellbeing - by considering how our decisions impact healthy life choices and the environment.

How will we measure our success?

We'll have a series of three-year plans in place to make sure we're delivering on these priorities.  These set out the specific actions we'll take.  The first of these three year plans is under development.

We'll monitor how well we're doing through regular reports to the Council's Executive.  Click here to find out more about the Executive.  These reports will be considered every three months.  We'll be measuring our performance through 'Key Performance Indicators'.  These are measures we can take that will tell us if we're doing what we should be doing.  They're based on the outcomes we're achieving.