Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Council Tax

We’ve received funding from government to help those most in need with Council Tax payments.  This is for people who already receive Council Tax support.  In addition to the support you get already, you’ll receive a further discount of up to £150 from your bill.

If your circumstances have recently changed – for example, if you’ve recently lost your job – you may be eligible for Council Tax support.  You must have first registered to receive Universal Credit.

Click here to find out more about Universal Credit

Click here to find out more about Council Tax support

Are you having problems making payments?

Over 12 weeks from the end of March 2020 we won’t be issuing reminders or following up outstanding arrears.
If you can, please keep up-to-date with Council Tax, rent and any other payments due where possible, to avoid difficulties down the line.
If your particular circumstances mean you're having difficulty in meeting payments - but you don’t qualify for the support - then we can put alternative arrangements in place.  This could include an alternative payment plan and, where necessary, we also have arrangements for people in financial hardship.
However, due to the unprecedented work required to put the Government support in place for individuals and businesses, we're unable to make this kind of assessment at this time.  The 12-week suspension of arrears recovery aims to provide a period of respite for you if you need it.
We'll be issuing further information here in the coming weeks, about how you can make alternative payment arrangements or access hardship relief, should you need to.
Thank you for your patience and please bear with us.