Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Council Tax

If you are already receiving Council Tax support you will have automatically received a further discount of £150 off your bills. (This may have been less if you didn’t have £150 still to pay for the financial year.) This funding from the government was to help those most in need with their Council Tax payments.

Nearly 2,000 customers have received this additional support from the fund at a total of £280,000.

If your income or circumstances have been affected by Covid-19 you may be entitled to Council Tax Support. 

If you are of working age you may also be entitled to Universal Credit and if you have made a claim for Universal Credit you do not need to make a claim for Council Tax Support.  This is because the Department of Work and Pensions will share this information with the Council but only if you indicate in your Universal Credit claim that it is OK to do so.  

Are you having problems making payments?

If you can, please keep up-to-date with Council Tax, rent and any other payments due where possible, to avoid difficulties down the line.

If your circumstances mean you're having difficulty in meeting payments - but you don’t qualify for the support - then we can put alternative arrangements in place.  This could include an alternative payment plan and, where necessary, we also have arrangements for people in financial hardship.

For more information please contact us

For free advice on money and debt, contact any of the agencies below. The government has provided additional funding to many of these organisations to make sure they can support you. They are all experts at supporting people suffering financial hardship. Their key message is always seek support as early as possible to avoid your financial worries growing.





The Money Advice Service

0300 500 5000

Step Change Debt Charity

0800 138 111

Citizen’s Advice

0845 404 0506

National Debtline

0808 808 4000

To find out more or make alternative arrangements for your Council Tax call us on: 01757 705101 or email