Cooling tower notification & evaporative condensers

Licence summary

If you are operating cooling towers and/or evaporative condensers on your premises you are required by law to notify certain details to ourselves. Further information is available online here:

Cooling tower notification - GOV.UK (

Regulation summary

A summary of the regulations relating to this licence.

Application process

Please complete and return (by post to Civic Centre, Selby District Council, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT), this form:

This notification is required so that clear information is available to help in the investigation of any outbreak of Legionnaires Disease by ourselves and partner agencies.

Will tacit consent apply?

No. It is in the public interest that we must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from us within 14 days, please contact us. You can do this online if you applied through the GOV.UK website or by using the contact details below.

Failed application redress

Please contact us in the first instance.

Public register

You can view a list of cooling towers registered in the Selby district here.

If you would like to request further information you can file a freedom of information request with us.  

Consumer complaints

If you’re not happy with the service we’re delivered or the way you’ve been treated, we want you to tell us in the first instance. If you have a complaint and are outside the UK, the UK European Consumer Centre may be able to help,

Registration of the Cooling Tower/Evaporative Condenser with us is no indication of ourselves being the body responsible for the regulation of general health and safety on your site. If you are a factory or similar heavy industrial setting, the latter organisation will be the Health and Safety Executive.

Further information