Contaminated land

Contaminated Land Strategy

We are responsible for enforcing contaminated land legislation in the district. It aims to protect people, property and the environment from contaminants in the ground and encourage the brownfield regeneration of contaminated sites.

This strategy will be implemented over the next five years. It explains how we will inspect the district for contaminated land and how we will deal with land which is found to be contaminated. This strategy helps us to improve and protect the health of residents in the district and the condition of the environment.

Contaminated land strategy

Contaminated Land Search

There are currently no entries on our public register of “contaminated land” as defined under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, Part 2A

Requests for Environmental Searches will be dealt with under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004

In brief, this includes:

  • Current and historical use of a site which may give rise to contamination,

  • Nearby potentially contaminated sites with associated risk, and

  • Nearby historical landfill sites

Please note we do not hold any data relating to subsidence, ground stability, flooding or drainage

A simple contaminated land search can be provided at a cost of £69.34 (+VAT) and a full environmental search can be provided at a cost of £92.45 (+VAT)

Applicants should complete and return an Environmental Search Form

Once payment is received, we will aim to conduct the search within 5 working days and no later than 20 working days. If we do not receive payment within 60 days of your request, we will assume you are not proceeding.

The Information Commissioner’s Office website offers more advice regarding your rights to access information