Consultation on Taxi Licensing Policy

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We have launched a consultation on our Taxi Licensing Policy and are encouraging the public, businesses and members of the taxi and private hire trade to put forward their views.

There are some changes to the Policy following new Statutory Taxi & Private Hire Vehicle Standards’ guidance document which has been published by the Department for Transport (DfT). 


The ‘Standards’ document sets out a framework of policies that licensing authorities must consider. The focus on the standards is on protecting children and adults at risk from harm, although all passengers will benefit from the recommendations contained within it. 

The recommendations contained in the document are the result of detailed discussion with the trade, regulators and safety campaign groups. Whilst the new ‘Standards’ are guidance and not compulsory, the DfT expects the recommendations laid out to be implemented by licensing authorities unless there is a compelling local reason not to do so. 


We are conducting a consultation to seek the views of the trade, members of the public, as well as a wide range of partner agencies and stakeholders, on the adoption of the new standards in full. 

Areas for consideration 

New information is highlighted in yellow and any amendments to the policy can be shown in tracked changes in the Draft Taxi Licensing Policy. View the document here.

•    Section 4, Private Hire Operators requirement to maintain a register of staff that will be taking bookings
•    Section 4 – change of time period changes from 3 days to 2 for reporting changes that may affect the Private Operator licence
•    Section 4.5 added, regarding the use of Passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) licensed drivers
•    Section 7.4 clarity on DBS and Statutory declaration requirements for vehicle proprietors
•    Section 7.5 further detail around the update service requirement
•    Section 7.5 amendment to wording on references
•    Section 8, additional information on the DBS update service checks
•    Section 8.1-time frame added
•    Section 8.2 information on when a DVLA licence check is carried out
•    Section 8.3 further information added and reduction in time reporting 
•    Section 10.13 additional information regarding CCTV in vehicles
•    Section 12 information added about making complaints
•    Section 13.2 footnote added about revocations in urgent situations
•    Section 13.3 joint authorisation of officers information added
•    Section 13.5 the mention of Statutory Standards issued by the Secretary of State added 
•    Appendix A further clarity provided on the DBS update service requirement, change in circumstances and medicals and date of reporting amended
•    Appendix B information for Private Hire Operators regarding the register of staff taking bookings requirement
•    Appendix C further clarity provided about the issuing of vehicle plates and updating the Councils vehicle testing contractor and how to make a complaint information updated

How to respond to the consultation

•    Fill in the comments box below.
•    E-mail: please include the words ‘Consultation on Statutory Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Standards’ in the subject field; or 
•    Post: Licensing Team, Selby District Council, Civic Centre, Doncaster Road, Selby, YO8 9FT 

The consultation is open until 21 February 2022.